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YouGotPaged, LLC Launches Flagship Consumer Product, Bringing Greater Personalization to Websites and Domain Names

December 13, 2006; 02:32 AM

YouGotPaged LLC, a technology firm specializing in personalized domain names, customer targeted business websites and a three-step "select-build-launch" website process for general consumers, announces the release of its flagship consumer product,

The consumer website was built to bring personality to URLs, conveying a phrase or statement with the web address instead of using a standard domain name. YouGotPaged’s technology enables the visitor to create a free, simple, fun and website in less than five minutes, beginning with selecting and personalizing a statement from more than a thousand URLs to building the site and moving it live. Once the website is active, visitors have the option of using an e-mail tool to quickly send invitations to their friends, business associates, co-workers and/or family members who now only have to remember the statement and not a long domain address.

This technology also grants a visitor the ability to "wrap" the existing website with a free address, instead of using the URL supplied by a hosting service. For example, or can be used instead of One of the goals of is to bring user-generated content to the domain address, allowing greater personalization to websites.

"I think it's a great way to communicate meaning through the web address," said David Dahl, Chief Technology Officer of SpringCM, Chicago, IL. "It appeals to people who want to build a simple website and have fun doing it. I think it's brilliant in its simplicity."

Additional features of the YouGotPaged’s free membership enable the visitor to reserve their personalized URL for a given length of time, make it viewable or not, apply password protection to allow access to only those they wish to see their website, as well as edit the site as often as desired. Each member is able to create as many websites with unique statements as desired, enabling them the creative license to play and launch different emotions throughout the day, every day.

About ( is owned by YouGotPaged, LLC. Co-founders Doug Stewart and Patrick Bragg recognized a desire in both business and consumer markets to bring personalization to web experiences. They designed the technology for anyone to create a website with a memorable address quickly and easily., founded in 2004, is based out of Rockville, MD.

For press information, please contact: Wildrey Bragg, 877-947-2433 (877-YGPAGED)



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