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Official Travel Registrar Announces Expiration Reminder for .travel Place Names

December 21, 2006; 07:56 AM
EnCirca, Official Registrar for .travel, announces an expiration reminder for .travel place names. The vision of .travel is to provide the first centralized, global online directory and search portal to help consumers precisely identify providers of travel products and services.

".travel is the only internet top-level domain name that reserves place names to be claimed by government bodies. But unclaimed .travel place names are expected to become released in 2007," says Tom Barrett, President of EnCirca. "Famous destinations are the intellectual property of national governments. This is their opportunity to claim their famous destinations in the .travel domain."

As an Official Travel Registrar, EnCirca offers an expedited registration service for all qualifying government agencies and Destination Management organizations (DMO's), including processing orders by purchase order with deferred payment in 2007. EnCirca staff will continue processing last-minute .travel orders throughout the year-end holidays.

In cooperation with the United Nations' World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Tralliance, the .travel registry, has reserved over six million place names for .travel. Through the registry's Nation's Priority Right, government authorities have until December 31, 2006 to claim place names that correspond to cities, towns, heritage sites, pilgrim centers, sacred sites, national parks/preserves, and any other geographic location located in their region.

Thousands of place and destination names ranging from small cities to countries to landmarks have already been registered. Some examples include:,,,, and many more. Many cities and places are also entitled to register "derivatives" of their .travel domain names, such as:, and many more.

Governments may claim their place names by sending email at: [email protected] Once approved, you then go to to register the selected .travel domain names.

EnCirca ( is the Official Travel Registrar for many national governments and Destination Management organizations (DMO's) around the world. EnCirca has partnered with the world's largest travel and tourism associations in offering .travel domain names to the travel and tourism industry. EnCirca was formed in 2001 and is accredited by Tralliance and the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Media Contact: Tom Barrett, President, [email protected], +1.781.942.9975

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