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Arizona Technology Company Banks Heavily On 360 Brand Internet Domains

January 8, 2007; 01:07 AM
Scottsdale, Arizona technology company- DotVentures has acquired what might be the world’s largest portfolio of “360 brand” Internet domain names. DotVentures’ CEO, Dale Merritt, sees the 360 brand as breathing new life into the coveted dot com space: “Many investors missed the dot com and dot net eras where all the single and “”good”” longer, named domains were snatched up. However, names such as “”limos360”” and “”rapmusic360”” are almost as valuable. Now, with the availability of 360 brand names, investors can still obtain coveted dot com names containing “”searched”” terms with examples being names like “”onlinecasinogambling360”” or “”travelsouthamerica360”.

Mr. Merritt explains: “DotVentures’ value proposition for investors is that we harness the spiking increase in search engine marketing with the market shift toward online real estate. We select domains for investment with the help of a proprietary MODS System. Just as in with corporeal real estate, the value of online real estate increases when the “”property”” is improved. We improve investor’s online property by building a fully optimized, keyword researched, website around each domain. This is then infused with a patent-pending technology that greatly helps with ranking in the search engines. After a (recommended) two year incubation period, we help the investor sell their domain on the aftermarket. At Dot, we are the contractor that builds ““spec web site homes”” for investors. Thus, we offer a clear and up-front vision for domain investors complete with a known path to liquidity”.

According to Mr. Merritt the 360 brand allows investors to “shorten” their domain names while staying within the dot com space: “Sure, there is the dot biz space and dot ”this” space and dot ”that”. space and dot ”the-other-thing” space but the real action continues to be in dot com and to a lesser extent dot net. We believe that there is still plenty of opportunity for capitalization within just the dot com space for investors by utilizing our unique vision and marketing plan.” He then boldly states: “The stock market is still in “”bear”” mode while the real estate and housing markets are undergoing a “”correction””. But online real estate is booming, where else could you possibly retain up to a 400% return on investment over just two years?! Additionally, DotVentures knows this market and we effectively help ordinary investors to capitalize upon it with utilizing the 360 brand domains as just part of that vision.”

DotVentures is part of the, much-vaunted, “New Economy” that was driven underground with the collapse of the dot com “bubble” at the end of the nineties. But with venture capitalists taking a beating, a static stock market, tanking real estate and a lot of the “smart” money in shelters maybe this is the time for the “comeback” of “New Economy”. Merritt concludes with: “Domain names are an investment like anything else; there’s risk and possible returns. But Internet domains absolutely have a rightful place in any diversified portfolio. My firm is banking on the 360 brand domains spiking in value like everything else connected with ““dot com.”” Soon, we will have a Prospectus outlining this opportunity in greater detail.”

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. They help individuals successfully invest in domain names. Interested parties can call them at: 888-291-2976. Learn more about DotVentures here: http://www.dotventuresdot com/?sr=PrDot.

Dale Merritt

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