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Celebrity Domain Names Set for Auction on

January 26, 2007; 09:36 AM

Popular celebrity domain names such as and are now available for public auction on, a re-seller of popular domain names.

" was purchased last year for $7.5 million, and while most domain names aren't worth millions, they are nonetheless lucrative investments., for instance, is currently on sale for a fraction of its actual worth," said Deborah Newport, the entrepreneur who has put the listings on

In addition to investors, Newport said prospective buyers also include collectors and fans.

"Profit is not always the goal. Fans in particular need to check out these auctions immediately, as this may be the last opportunity to purchase a domain name related to their favorite celebrity or political figure," Newport said.

The following celebrity domain names are available for auction. Several are '.mobi' names specifically formatted for Internet cell phones.

- Hillary Rodham Clinton (
- Rosie O'Donnell (
- Terrell Owens (,
- Duncan Hunter (
- Bindi Irwin (,,
- Bill and Melinda Gates ( and Billand
- Princess Diana (
- Lou Dobbs (

Other useful domain names for sale include:

- -- Great for veterinarians or anyone working with pets
- -- Great for pharmaceutical companies
- -- Great for parenting websites
- -- For surfing or gay community sites auctions use the offer/counter-offer system, in which the buyer and seller exchange offers until an agreement is reached.

When prospective buyers arrive at the site, they should use the 'Advanced Search' feature located at the top left corner of the screen. When searching for the domain, users must type in the domain name exactly as it appears on this page.

If the domain name is not listed on the auction site - or for any other inquiries - please contact Deborah Newport at



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