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Zetetic Offers Same Day Express Domain Appraisals

March 8, 2007; 02:19 AM

Domain name research and appraisal services firm Zetetic can now make selling or buying a domain name easier by telling you the Fair Market Value the same day you want to buy or sell, eliminating the previous three day wait required for an appraisal.

"Many buyers and sellers find themselves in a pinch when they get or make an offer and must wait several days for a typical domain appraisal," Zetetic Senior Analyst Keith Pieper said. "We can now deliver the Fair Market Value the same day a buyer or seller wants to know. We have streamlined our process to give express domain appraisals immediate attention."

Zetetic provides a formal five page domain appraisal report delivered via PDF format providing a Fair Market Value for any given domain name. Zetetic relies on both algorithmic statistical methods and the human touch to arrive at an appraised value.

"By being independent from the sales process and having the largest, freshest historical sales database in the industry, we are able to deliver the most accurate price reflecting recent market conditions," Pieper said.

Zetetic collects over 2,000 new domain name aftermarket sale transactions from over 100 sources each month to supplement its 34,000 historical domain name sales transaction database. Each domain sale is analyzed across 28 unique variables. This model is then applied to each domain name appraisal. The statistical price is then adjusted by an analyst who culls the historical sales database to find comparables.

Buyers, sellers and speculators can purchase the same day express domain appraisal for $59 at Those not interested in same day service can purchase the traditional three-day turnaround for $29.95. The domain appraisal is the same for both services.

About Zetetic

Zetetic is an independent domain name research company providing appraisal and analytical services to domain name registrars, brokers, owners, buyers, sellers, speculators and aggregators. Zetetic has aggregated over 34,000 domain sale transactions across over 100 sources since 2003 and has a historical database reaching back to 1996. Zetetic now adds nearly 2,000 additional transactions to it's database each month. Zetetic currently uses this information to provide domain name appraisals directly to domain name owners, buyers and affiliate resale partners using algorithmic and analyst appraisal methodologies.

For more information, please contact Zetetic at 1-877-ZETETIC or visit

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