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Simplified, One-Stop-Shop, Created for Caribbean Vacation & Travel

March 12, 2007; 01:13 AM

Finally, a site has been created that simplifies Caribbean vacation and travel. offers an easy-to-understand menu with the ability to search for various Caribbean vacation packages, tropical cruises and island luxury villa rentals. What is different here is that this site is constructed with the User in mind; everything is simply laid out, clearly labeled and functional.

The New Caribbean Vacation Site Has Search Abilities For:

  • Caribbean Travel

  • Caribbean Cruise

  • Caribbean Vacation

  • Luxury Villa Rentals

  • Search Hotel Rates

The site was build under a partnership between Internet Marketer, Donna Juliano and Phoenix, Arizona Domain Name Investing Company- DotVentures. Ms. Juliano says; “I just got sick of all the complicated sites pertaining to this space. I am a frequent traveler and I wanted to build the site that I would like to use. sports everything the user needs to plan, purchase and share a great Caribbean vacation easily.”

What is different about Caribbean Travel 360 is the simple interface that belies a powerful search capability. Says Ms. Juliano; “Most such sites are a confusing mish-mosh of choices all thrown together. These sites are too *busy* and overwhelm the User with information. My site has everything simplified and arranged in *common sense* choices that then unfold into more capabilities. The one thing a person planning a Caribbean getaway doesn’t need is more stress and confusion. I believe that the relaxation process should start at planning of the vacation.”

With this new site one can easily search for Caribbean cruise deals and find special 2007 island vacation deals. Only the best information is presented from the most reputable sources. This saves the time of having to wade through a confusing array of offers. Additionally, this site offers Mexico vacation deals. If the User has questions there is a help line staffed by experts.

Donna Juliano says; “With this site I have really tried to strike that perfect balance of ease-of-use and performance. Much of it was just looking at the existing island travel sites out there and not doing what they do; most of them seem preoccupied with overwhelming the User with choices. My site takes a more logical view and offers the User several *main* choices that then unfold into more capabilities. Let’s face it; travelers are looking for a cruise, package vacation, villa rental or they want to search hotel rates. They’re not looking for everything at once. So why present all options, to everything, all the time? It just makes for an intimidating experience and potential confusion. I think that people who visit my site will value the ease of use and come back.” is a site that helps simplify all aspects of planning any traveler’s Caribbean vacation with an easy to use interface. Use this site to easily and effectively search for Caribbean cruise deals, island vacation packages, luxury villa rentals, hotel reservations, airline deals and cheap car rentals.

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They help individuals successfully invest in domain names. Interested parties can call them at: 888-291-2976. Learn more about DotVentures here:

Donna Juliano,



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