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Poker Blog Finds Loophole in's System That May Potentially Save Over 1 Million Domain Names

Over 200,000 Clients, which include the Government of Thailand, the Easter Seals charity and Pop star Michael Jackson, could be eligible to save their domain names from loss. A Poker Blog Has Found an Emergency Solution.

March 16, 2007; 09:50 AM
After over a year turmoil at the Registrar know as RegisterFly there may a be a solution to those inclined to save their domains from loss. RegisterFly has been in and out of courts and has a pressing issue with ICANN, and it seems that a lot of clients want to leave this registrar.

There has even been a website created by distressed RegisterFly clients at In the wake of all this turmoil a poker blog has found the solution that could potentially help save millions of domains from loss and help RegisterFly's clients transfer their domains to another registrar.

The problem that current RegisterFly clients are having is that they have a lock on their Whois information and therefore cannot transfer their domains until they obtain Authorization Codes from Mr. Valentino Viccetzar, writer for the Poker Rouge Blog, has found a solution that outlines exactly how to acquire the codes in the RegisterFly system quickly.

The solution came to Valentino Viccetzar after weeks of trying to switch registrars, when he was faced with the loss of his domains. "The fascinating part of it all is that we (RegisterFly clients) could have transferred the domains long ago ... had we known this loophole," states Mr. Viccetzar. On his blog post he outlines a 15 Step Process that "If followed to the letter, should give you the (authorization) codes and start the domain transfer immediately."

The Full 15 Step Process is outlined at

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