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Press Releases by Enables Internet Users to Interact with Leaders in the Domain Business

March 23, 2007; 02:46 AM has in place a business plan where by webmasters and individuals looking to buy sell or register domains will interact with leaders in the domain business who are strategic partners of

Cornerstones of The World Wide Web are domains and buying, selling, registering, as well as managing domains is big business. realizes the importance of domains and creates a platform that collects in one place the giants of the domain industry.

“The plan is simple, people spend time and money searching for domains, or wanting to sell, register, or manage domains,” revealed a company spokesman, “the team has created an ideal marketplace where customers can with a single click find their ideal domain website or company.” will not just fulfill a need it will also provide expert advice on domains and host in depth articles and FAQs on domains. This means a wide range of internet users from newbie’s to experts can seek and find answers to their domain needs.

The brainchild of experienced webmasters the website has been planned after extensive surveys of current and future market needs. is visionary and embraces advanced technological tools that will enable browsers to satisfy their entire domain related commercial or technical needs. has set up this unique service to facilitate setting up of websites and checking whether domains x, y, or z are already owned, functional or registered. The website has put into place futuristic tools that carry out world wide searches, provide alternative suggestions, and create keywords that will be used in SEO optimization and other web related functions. is all set to become synonymous with the term domain. When internet users think domain they will log on to

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Contact: Chris Young,, 155 Goolsby Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL - 33442, (305) 684-2594



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