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Press Releases by LLC Offers One-Year .mobi Domain Name Registrations for Only $12.99

March 29, 2007; 02:07 AM LLC sets the best value for .mobi domains at only $12.99 for the first year. Securing a .mobi domain opens the door to several possibilities. A .mobi web presence will help any organization reach billions of consumers and add value to their message. According to a GSM study conducted in 2006, 1.3 billion people will connect to the Internet through a mobile device by 2008. Using an existing channel, organizations will have access to all mobile users in a very cost-effective manner. Messages will no longer be geographically bound and will extend to people that use a mobile device as their primary means of connecting to the Internet. This presents a great opportunity for organizations to develop new relationships with their target market, or simply build existing relationships while continuously establishing their brand.

Randi Boyd, Registry-Registrar Liaison of LLC, is very enthusiastic to see the growth of mobile domains. She explains, "Having a method to conveniently access the Internet while I am on the move is very important to me. Whether I am trying to find the closest coffee shop or checking the weather forecast to determine if I should begin my accent up a Colorado 14'er, I know that .mobi sites will provide the fastest and easiest way to find the information I am seeking."

.Mobi sites are specifically engineered for use on mobile devices making the mobile Internet easily navigable, functional, and valuable for the consumer. To ensure easy-to-use sites, dotMobi's mandatory rules and best practices require that .mobi sites are developed within parameters that minimize loading time, keystrokes, and scrolling. To view a made-for-mobile site, please visit dotMobi's emulator.

It's not too late to receive a great deal on a .mobi domain. Secure a .mobi domain name today by visiting:

About LLC LLC is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar that develops innovative web applications, offers a diverse selection of top-level and country-code Domains, and provides web and email hosting solutions at an affordable price. Established in 2003,, has seen an exponential increase in registrations and an expansion of their customer base. They continue to climb up the ranks in the domain name industry. Their goal is to optimize your domain name portfolio and provide excellent support services to help you develop your online presence.

Media Contact: Randi Boyd, 125 Rampart Way, Suite 300, Denver, Colorado 80231, Telephone: (720) 249-2374, Fax: (303) 364-3646

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