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Texas Psych Group Starts Blog

April 5, 2007; 01:19 AM

The Famous Texas Psych Google Group has started a blog dedicated to Texas psychedelic music. Texas Psych aficionados can now go there to read news and see videos. Kiloh R. Smith, of the Google group says that the new blog will become an important clearing house for information; “We are going to encourage bands’ Representatives to apply to be Guests. Then they can post news. Additionally, we have about eight Administrators currently. These folks are garage psych mavens and (basically) run the blog.” Please visit the blog by going here:

“The blog carries lots of links to resources too,” says Mr. Smith, “we have identified some really cool resources that the fans will love. I expect that other links will be added soon. This really is a blog by-the-fans-for-the-fan.” Mr. Smith continues; “You know, there is SO MUCH rumor, innuendo and outright lies published about this music. I want this blog to be a source of unvarnished truth. I want it to be a voice for the fans and not some rumor-mill.”

Right now, the Texas Psych blog has some serious traction on the search engines. For the term “Texas Psych” it is #3 on Google. The site is getting several hundred unique hits daily. It was started by the folks who run the Texas Psych Google group located at: Kiloh Smith is the group’s visionary leader. The selfless people who run the Roky CD Club also inhabit this group. The Roky CD Club is renowned for producing and distributing the highest quality Texas Psychedelic music CD’s in the world. They do this 100% free to the fans as a labor of love. Their methods are under intense study from other groups.

The Roky CD Club Leader says; “The Roky CD Club has put out so much Roky & ‘Elevators that it is THE source of it all. It is THE bubbling spring. God knows, this is a huge relief from having to listen to crappy, poorly mastered, crap for decades. Then the “’Roky Trust’” gets in charge and puts out NOTHING for years and years except for that abomination known as: “’Don’t Knock the Rok’”. This alone proves to me that they have nothing, Zippo lighter. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR THE ROKY CD CLUB! These righteous fans are putting their rare recordings and rips, direct off IA vinyl, into the hands of the fans. Lurkin, Billy Alienate, all of them have nothing. They are the jackals following the herd of fans. It took the fans to blow the top off of this thing and get the music into the fan’s hands. From what I hear, Roky is all for it too. If it wasn’t for the fans, we’d still be listening to Charly and Collectibles “’specials’”. This blog is a natural extension of this process.”

Kiloh Smith says; “Being the world leaders in this, who everybody else looks to for leadership, it was only natural to do this blog. What has surprised us is the quick ranking on Google as well as intense interest from fans and the artists. And we’re going to keep being the leaders. Right now, there is a project underway to incorporate this blog with the Texas Psychedelic Ranch located at: This is the #1 ranked such site on Google. After that, the blog’s entries will be automatically submitted to RSS feeds worldwide. We’re gonna OWN this space. You fans? You’re gonna be REALLY happy! Then there’s the project to convert Roky Erickson’s entire solo recording sessions to DVD audio. I heard about this. This will be dozens of CD’s worth of never-before-released material on a single DVD. But you didn’t hear that from me…”

The Texas Psych Blog,, is an extension of the world famous Texas Psych Google Group, Both represent the leaders in this genre for fans.

Texas Psych, [email protected]

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