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Phoenix “Dot Com” Company to Give Away 500 Premium Internet Domain Names to Promote their “Moguling” Brand

April 16, 2007; 01:20 AM

Phoenix technology company, DotVentures, has launched a new “Dot Com” brand called Moguling: Moguling is a process of developing online real estate through blogging. This is a “reverse engineering” of the usual process and is being hailed as a new type of “domain name optimization” by some.

According to DotVentures’ SEO Director- Bill Scott, “Our blogs tend to gain almost immediate ranking and traffic on the search engines. Google views blogs very favorably. The Moguling process optimizes the blogging process producing quick ranking and traffic.” According to Mr. Scott ranking and traffic means, “leverage, power & value” in the world of domain investing. To read an independent and more detailed explanation of the Moguling process, please read this article on Profy:

To promote their Moguling process, DotVentures is giving away five hundred (500) premium domain names from their portfolio of online real estate. This portfolio is estimated to be worth in excess of fifty million dollars. According to Mr. Scott, “These domains are all extensively researched for potential growth. In fact, many appraise for thousands of dollars already. DotVentures will be giving away one free domain name to each new client on a first-come, first-served basis. The only requirement to qualify to receive one of these valuable domain names is that the registrants have a business idea in mind or want to start a business from scratch utilizing a new DotVentures’ training program that ties into Moguling. For additional questions call: 888-291-2976.”

DotVentures Blogmaster and Marketing Communications Director- Kiloh Smith continues, “Utilizing the Moguling techniques one accomplishes a very quick ramping-up of the value of that domain. It’s a complete reversal of the: Build It and They Will Come adage. This is more like: Make Them Come First and Then Build It. One is then in a good position to then build a Web site around that domain keeping the blog as an aspect of the new site. Or one can “’pump and dump”’ the domain name; quickly spike the value and sell it off.”

Zetetic, an independent domain name intelligence company, completed a ten year study in 2006 of over 8,000 domain name transactions on the secondary market collected from dozens of sources. This study found that the average ROI (return on investment) was 377% with the average time to resale on the secondary market being just 12.5 months. Mr. Scott says that the Moguling process “turbocharges” the findings of the Zetetic study, “Remember, that 377% ROI was for mostly parked domains! Moguling is actively developing the domain name’s possibility for spiking return. This can be a ROI beyond ones wildest imagination.”

Mr. Scott continues, “By getting one of our 500 free domain names this affords an opportunity for somebody to begin capitalizing on this Second Internet Gold Rush under a standardized process for success. Already domain names are being traded on a rapidly growing Secondary Market. Someday I see a Domain Name Exchange emerging, similar to the Stock Markets, where these domains will be kept in portfolios and traded like the investments that they are.”

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. They help individuals successfully invest in domain names. Interested parties can call them at: 888-291-2976. Learn more about DotVentures here:

Kiloh Smith, 888-291-2976

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