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Dynamic Network Services Launches Secret Registration

April 19, 2007; 01:52 AM
Dynamic Network Services today announced the launch of "Secret Registration", a breakthrough in WHOIS privacy protection. This new service provides end users and corporations alike with the ability to shield their real contact information from robots and malicious parties all the while staying reachable and complying with the strictest ICANN regulations on domain name attribution.

By acting as a trusted intermediary between the world and the registrant, for both online and offline contact attempts, Dynamic Network Services will shield users from scams, unwanted messages and automated correspondence, all the while letting legitimate, genuine messages through, thereby allowing users to stay in touch with whatever may come their way. Thanks to Dynamic Network Services' robust, scalable infrastructure, the review process will never be machine-based, meaning each inquiry is analyzed and evaluated by a human with engineering, networking and domain administration experience.

"WHOIS privacy has been a long-term problem for the community of the Internet. We are happy to finally provide a solution that is effective at protecting the privacy of our patrons, without the overhead and uncertainty of traditional offerings." said Jeremy Hitchcock, DynDNS CEO. "Relying on a human review process is a remarkable advantage for our users that are used to fully entrusting us with making the right decisions for their domains. This has all been made possible by the scalable infrastructure we have spent ten years building" added an enthusiastic Tom Daly, the company's president and CTO.

Users are free to turn Secret Registration on and off at any time, meaning they remain in full control of their domain and assets at any time. Thanks to the company's status as a fully accredited ICANN registrar, Dynamic Network Services is offering this service without the help of any stealth third-party provider, ensuring simplicity and accountability at every step of the process. The company's obscenely good support team will help users set, protect and transfer their domains at absolutely no charge.

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Founded in 1998, originally as a free DNS service for the Perl and open source communities, DynDNS has grown quietly and steadily to become one of the Internet's largest and most reliable providers of domain, zone and email solutions, through its innovative, obscenely-well supported services. Still offering its signature free service, the company today plays a key role in keeping the Internet's DNS infrastructure at large running smoothly and stays faithful to its core values of engineering excellence.


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