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Two Arizona Technology Firms Combine Forces to Produce Optimized Web Site for Phoenix Transitional Living Facility

April 24, 2007; 01:11 AM

Phoenix, Arizona technology firms, DotVentures and SearchMarketing, have combined resources to produce an optimized Web site for the non-profit, drug and alcohol recovery, organization Crossroads. Crossroads is a level four transitional facility located in Phoenix, Arizona and licensed by the State of Arizona. They have been assisting, both male & female, alcoholics and addicts since 1960 by offering a powerful non-medical Twelve Step recovery discipline in a clean, structured, sober environment.

DotVentures is an Internet technology company that invests in online real estate. SearchMarketing is a marketing technology leader that helps businesses “get found” on the Internet by optimizing organic search possibilities utilizing an innovative process along with proprietary technology.

SearchMarketing CEO- Matthew O’Brien says; “We have been aware of the good work being accomplished by Crossroads and thought this afforded us an opportunity to put our process to work for the community.” What is the process? Mr. O’Brien continues; “SearchMarketing builds optimized sites that are a compendium of complex data provided by researching the “’most searched’” terms of the topic for each respective page of the client’s site. This starts with selecting the domain name, cascading downward to the individual pages; everything is optimized.”

According to DotVentures’ Director of SEO- William Scott; “Everything starts with the domain name, it is the Alpha-Omega of organic search Results. We found the perfect one for Crossroads:” DotVentures recently acquired what might be the world’s largest portfolio of “360 brand” Internet domain names. According to Mr. Scott the 360 brand allows domainers to “shorten” their domain names while staying within the “dot com” space. Says Mr. Scott; “With the availability of 360 brand coveted dot com names, containing shorter “searched” terms, are available.”

Crossroads’ Executive Director- Lee Pioske is excited about the new site; “Working with “’Dot’” & “’Search’” has provided me with an education in SEO. It’s really fascinating to me what they do; the type of writing and design they are doing. It sounded like “’Star Wars’” to me in the beginning but they explained it very well. It boils down to Crossroads being able to assist the community more. Our ability to successfully address the individual needs of our clients comes from a simple, yet proven, approach to recovery. We see our partnership with DotVentures & SearchMarketing as simply helping to “’optimize’” (as they say) the facilitation of awareness about our services. There is such high demand for our services, and yet many people do not know who we are, or what we do. This is a fantastic way to make our story available to more people.”

Mr. Pioske continues with; “We were fortunate to have friends in the technology business speak to us and offer their services. Since we are technology challenged, this was a real blessing. It is vitally important to have the help of real professionals if you are going to venture down this road. The help we are receiving from “Dot” & “Search” is invaluable to us. We are really looking forward to this next chapter in our Mission.”

Searchmarketing, LLC is a marketing technology leader that helps online business “get found” through an innovative online and offline marketing process. Searchmarketing LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information about Searchmarketing, please 866-666-6838 or visit their Web site at:
DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They help individuals successfully invest in domain names.

Interested parties can call them at: 888-291-2976. Their large portfolio of Internet properties and proprietary technologies encourages investment in this new business opportunity:

Kiloh Smith, 888-291-2976

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