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Fibranet Services General Manager Stands For Nominet Election

April 24, 2007; 02:22 AM

The general manager of Fibranet Services Ltd will stand in the forthcoming Nominet elections in a bid to help the general public gain a greater understanding of the UK internet registry.

“I feel passionate about Nominet and it’s future,” says Dickie Armour. “Having worked in the industry for several years, I would like to play a part in helping the public to have a better understanding of who Nominet is and how the entire domain name registration process works.”

One of the cornerstone’s of Armour’s application for a non-executive directorship is to foster a closer relationship between the governing body and the wider internet community. He would like to see school leavers and GCSE students receiving education and learning support from Nominet, empowering them to develop the next generation of internet and domain applications.

“Nominet runs a very efficient business and as a not-for-profit organisation it has a cash surplus. Directing a part of this funding to youth projects in schools and colleges would be an investment in the future of the industry.

“The Internet is still very much in its infancy and the children of today will be the ones shaping the Internet of tomorrow. It’s vital that they understand how the internet works as a business service and how this can be maintained and improved upon in the coming years.”

The Nominet elections will see two non-executive directors elected to the board. Voting takes place at the annual general meeting, to be held 2 May in Manchester.

Fibranet Services is the European partner of, Freeparking is an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar, managing over 300,000 domain names for customers in over 180 countries. Established over 7 years ago, the website - which pioneered self management of domains and DNS - is the fourth most popular .uk website in the world, according to

As the general manager of Fibranet Services, Dickie has worked closely with Nominet and the domain registration industry for several years: “Nominet has some exciting times ahead we need to make sure that it remains well placed to react to the rapidly changing marketplace. I believe I will make a positive contribution through encouraging more social interaction between members and helping to raise Nominet awareness and understanding.”

For more information, visit or cast your vote in the Nominet elections at

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