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American Customers To Get Free Domain Names

April 25, 2007; 02:41 AM

Dot TK, the only online service to offer free Web domain names, today announced one-of-a-kind service to customers in the United States. Dot TK will make its official debut at ad:tech San Francisco from April 25 to 26.

Since its inception in 2005, Dot TK has added more than 1.6 million registered domain names and become one of the largest publishers' networks in the world, adding an average of 8,000 new domain names daily.

"We have gained serious momentum in international markets over the past years," explained Dot TK President Joost Zuurbier. "With the rapid growth of our Web 2.0 application we feel that now is the perfect time to offer our services to U.S. customers. At our current growth Dot TK domains are sure to become among the most popular Internet destinations within two years."

Millions of international customers have renamed existing Web destinations with easy-to-remember Dot TK domain names. With the firm's WatchDot online content verification tool, Dot TK limits exposure of illegal content and ensures its customers' Web sites are without viruses and illicit content.

With the Dot TK service, customers register domain names at no cost or for a nominal fee for special ad-free service. The paid domain names grant the users full license rights and enable them to run their own Domain Name System (DNS). With Dot TK's free offering, a customer's Web site displays third-party advertising.

Dot TK is the registered country code for Tokelau, a small group of islands in the South Pacific. The founders of Dot TK have had a lasting impact on the country over the past decade; when they arrived, the 1,500 residents of Tokelau had no Internet access or knowledge of basic technology.

Zuurbier and other Dot TK founders taught Tokelau residents how to use computers and provided funding to install the necessary hardware to access the Internet. Today the natives of Tokelau have Internet connectivity and an advanced knowledge of current technology thanks to Zuurbier. Additionally, Dot TK has had a significant economic impact on the islands, comprising 12 percent of Tokelau's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

About Dot TK

Dot TK is a country code top level domain registry operator that registers Internet domain names that end with the TK suffix. TK is abbreviation for Tokelau, a small group of islands in the South Pacific. Dot TK is a joint venture between the Government of Tokelau and Taloha, Inc., a privately held company. For more, please log on to

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