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Blog Shows How to Work-From Home Blogging

April 27, 2007; 01:19 AM

A blog has been started that offers a new twist on working from home- blogging. At: Make Money Blogging Today - the writers post useful information about turning blogging into a source of income. The blog expounds upon the Moguling techniques pioneered by Phoenix technology company DotVentures. Moguling utilizes blogging to achieve something now being referred to as Domain Name Optimization. Moguling postulates that the real monetary benefit to blogging is increasing traffic and ranking to the domain thus spiking the value. Then one can “’flip’” the domain; selling it on the Secondary Market for a profit.

Some domain speculators are making huge profits by buying domains at bargain prices, “monetizing” and reselling them. A recent article in, citing a study of domains sold on the aftermarket within the last year, showed just the average return on investment of more than three hundred seventy-seven percent. Even more fascinating than the Return-on-Investment is the brief time it took to realize it. The same study showed that the average time between purchase and resale was only two hundred thirty days!*

According to Kiloh Smith, DotVentures’ Marketing Communications Director, “Up until now, people have been going about the entire SEO process backwards. They build a site putting an extraordinary amount of effort into “’optimization’” only to be left hoping that the site achieves ranking. Moguling reverse engineers this process focusing on first, optimizing the domain name. See… Google just LOVES blogs and tends to rank them very quickly and favorably. In addition, the blog acts as a repository for content. Moguling helps to quickly achieve traffic and ranking for the domain. Once this is done then a site can be built, keeping the blog as an aspect of the new site or the domain can be sold for a profit.”

Mr. Smith continues. “This new Make Money Blogging Today blog is going to “’spill-the-beans’” on Moguling. It will detail, step-by-step, the entire process of picking a domain name, monetizing it via Moguling and selling it on the burgeoning Secondary Market. Using the Moguling strategies and techniques to “monetize” a domain can possibly instill it with a great deal of value on the aftermarket. The sky is, literally, the limit here.”

To read more about Moguling see this article on Profy: and this article on WebHostDirectory. is a blog dedicated to posting the latest news & information about working from home blogging. It makes use of many of the Moguling techniques written about in its posts.

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. They help individuals successfully invest in domain names. Interested parties can call them at: 888-291-2976. Learn more about DotVentures here.


* Choosing a Domain with High Resale Value

Kiloh Smith, 888-291-2976, Dot Ventures

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