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Comodo Introduces Powerful PCI Compliancy And Daily Vulnerability Scanning Solutions

Comodo HackerGuardian: Keeps you PCI-compliant and free of security threats at a fraction of the cost of current solutions

May 11, 2007; 12:53 AM

Jersey City, NJ -- Comodo, a global Certification Authority and leading provider of Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, announced the launch of HackerGuardian Payment Card Industry (PCI) scan compliancy solution and daily vulnerability scanning/ certification solution. Each solution is sold separately for $79 per year or as a bundle for $99 per year, representing over $1200 in savings versus other providers.

Comodo's HackerGuardian delivers tremendous value to eMerchants by offering both a PCI scan compliancy service PLUS cutting-edge daily vulnerability scanning and certification for $99 - less than 1/10th of virtually all other providers. In addition, Comodo provides certification of a safe site with Comodo's patent-pending TrustLogo. This next generation TrustLogo, proven to convert visitors into customers, provides key new technology versus site seals from other providers:

  • Only Comodo TrustLogos are "content protected" so that faked certification seals can be exposed immediately by end users
  • "Point to verify" provides ease of customer verification with a compelling call to action that drives increased trust and increased conversion
  • Active, dynamic reporting allows e-merchants to test and verify the impact of the Comodo TrustLogo to convert visitors into customers

Further, placing the Comodo TrustLogo on a site provides extra visitor reassurance that competitors cannot deliver because Comodo is known as a "trust brand" through its highly popular desktop security solutions that protect millions of consumers. This brand equity and strength delivers greater transactional trust that extends to partner reseller brands.

HackerGuardian PCI Scan Compliant Solution Overview ($79/ yr)

Only a PCI-approved scanning vendor (ASV) can provide vulnerability assessment scans and, as an ASV, Comodo now delivers virtually the most cost effective PCI scan compliancy solution with HackerGuardian. If you successfully pass the PCI criteria (no vulnerabilities of severity level 3 or above), you will also be provided with a "PCI Compliance Report" that can be sent to your acquiring bank as evidence of compliance. Comodo also helps eMerchants with the Annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire in the form of an online wizard. Once the tests have been passed, only Comodo provides a new type of TrustLogo called "Credit Card TrustLogo". Like all other Comodo TrustLogos, the Credit Card TrustLogo provides additional reassurance that the eMerchant is secure and trustworthy to take credit card information. Additionally, customers can take advantage of a free 90-day PCI compliance scan trial on top of their one-year subscription.

HackerGuardian Daily Vulnerability Scanning Solution Overview ($79/ yr):

HackerGuardian Daily Scanning performs over 14,000 daily tests over the company's server and networks, scanning for weaknesses both at the firewall's perimeter and beyond. A detailed report is generated after every scan and if any threat or discrepancy is found, a report advises the user on remediation. Once a site passes daily scanning test, the HackerShield TrustLogo is displayed as certification of the site's safety.

"Retailers of all sizes are challenged to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the PCI standards because it requires a multi-layered approach to data management, security infrastructure and authentication policies," says Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. "Comodo enables e-merchants to be compliant and secure with a cost-effective, technologically-advanced solution that frees the retailers to focus on their core business. They can rest assured that HackerGuardian is providing ongoing monitoring and management for a secure, hacker-free infrastructure."

About Comodo

Comodo, through its group of Internet security companies, is a leading Certification Authority and global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet. Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over 2,000,000 businesses and consumers.

With a global presence Comodo offers businesses and consumers third-generation solutions for intelligent security and authentication technologies that create trust online. Comodo's technological expertise includes PKI digital certification, Code signing certification, integrated authentication infrastructure services, Web Content authentication, Secure messaging solutions, regulatory compliance solutions, and digital e-commerce services.

For additional information on Comodo - Creating Trust Online™ visit

For more information, media representatives should contact: Judy Shapiro
Comodo, (201) 963-9471, Email: [email protected]

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