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LIPS.COM Domain Name To Be Auctioned Off At TRAFFIC Domain Expo NY

May 28, 2007; 06:34 AM

Palm Springs, CA -- The domain name is a Four-Star Value which has never been available at auction until now. On June 21 it will be offered at the live Moniker domain auction from the TRAFFIC Domain Conference and Expo from New York City.

How to make your web presence more profitable...start with an excellent domain name. The most memorable domain names are easy to spell, east to remember, and are comprised of four letters or less. Dot 'com' is the preferred extension. A desirable name has widespread appeal that effective marketing campaigns can be built on. possesses these sought-after characteristics and is a prudent investment.

Internet domain names are the equivalent of real-world real estate. The statement "they ain't making any more of it" is true in both real estate and dot coms. As of today, every word in the English language has been registered as a dot com. Entrepreneurs have two choices: invent a new word that is interesting, short and catchy, or purchase an existing name if it's available for sale. When investors purchase diamonds, they grade them using the four C's: Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. A similar system is used to evaluate domain names: Characters, Commerce, dot-Com, and Catchy.

Make no mistake about it, short names are more valuable that longer names. Short names are simpler to spell, faster to type, and are easier to remember. Most three and four letter dot coms were registered way back in 1995 and 1996 and are rare as hen's-teeth.

The value of a domain name is directly related to the products or services it represents. Computers, cars, books, and software represent large areas of commerce. Boomerangs, dental floss, and buggy whips, represent smaller niche markets. Generic, well know phrases with broad commercial appeal are more valuable.

Dot com is just one many top level domains. Others include .net, .org, .edu, .gov and more. As with real estate, land in downtown New York or on the beaches of California is worth considerably more than acreage on the South Pole. Dot Com is the first choice for business investment. Think of all the web advertising on TV, print, and radio and you'll be hard pressed to think of one dot-net.

Catchy names are unique and easily remembered. These names maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. and a handful of other excellent domain names will be auctioned at the Moniker live domain auction held at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Expo and Conference held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City from June 19th to the 22nd.

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