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Network Solutions Now Offers .mobi Domain Names

June 5, 2007; 01:13 AM

Industry-leading Web solutions provider Network Solutions® is expanding its offerings with registration services for .mobi domain names. Sites that use .mobi domains are designed specifically for performance on PDAs, 'internet-ready' mobile phones, Smartphones and other mobile devices, thereby making those sites vastly more accessible by people on-the-go.

Every day, consumers worldwide purchase four times as many Smartphones, Internet-ready mobile devices and PDAs than they do personal computers. But even with all these devices in use, many of their owners are finding that the Websites they seek don't display properly, take a long time to load, and in some cases won't load at all. The reason is because many Web sites ending in .com, .net and .org aren't compatible with mobile device browsers; only the .mobi domain extension is engineered specifically for optimal mobile device performance. To make the .mobi domains more accessible for businesses of all sizes, leading domain name registration company Network Solutions is introducing .mobi domain registration at

The advantages of .mobi domain registration for small and large business Websites apply to business owners as well as to their customers. Sites with .mobi domains instantly inform visitors that they are mobile-ready, and when equipped with maps, product and contact information, can provide customers with everything they need to connect with the businesses that have registered them.

The benefit of .mobi domain registration to business owners is the assurance that customers on-the-go-can easily locate and engage with their business. In addition, business owners can appreciate the extra added brand protection that comes with registering a .mobi domain, as .mobi domain registration allows business owners to protect and expand their brands by preventing others from using their trademarks and licensed names.

"People are more on the go today than ever, but just because they are mobile their appetite and need for information from the Internet doesn't diminish. Just the opposite--mobile Internet users expect that Web sites that they use everyday will be capable of delivering needed information to their PDAs, Smartphones, and other internet-ready mobile devices." explains Jeff Grosman, Senior Vice President for Product Marketing & Management at Network Solutions. "With the advent of .mobi, this now becomes possible. Given the rapid adoption of mobile-enabled web devices, every business, no matter what size, needs to ensure that they can be found as quickly and easily as possible by their customers using a mobile-enabled Website."

To learn more about the domain name registration company Network Solutions and registering .mobi domains, please visit

About Network Solutions
Network Solutions, a leading Web solutions and domain name registration company, offers a full range of Web-related services, including Web hosting, web design, e-commerce software, search engine marketing, SSL certificates, e-mail services and domain name registration. Network Solutions draws on 27 years of experience to make it simple and affordable for customers to build and manage an online presence through a one-stop Web Solutions provider. Additional information about Network Solutions' offerings is available at

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