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Press Releases by Among Companies That Drafted & Approved EV SSL Rules

June 14, 2007; 02:33 AM is among a group of leading Internet-related companies to create and approve a new set of guidelines aimed at making Web sites more secure. The new Extended Validation (EV) SSL guidelines to heighten security for Internet transactions were approved after two years of work by more than 25 companies.

“These guidelines will play a key role in making sure corporations, government agencies and small businesses all meet the same, strict criteria before they can be issued Extended Validation SSL Certificates for their Web sites,” said Go Daddy Vice President of Development Wayne Thayer. “That way, customers will know they are on a secure Web site when they see proof of the certificate there.”

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates can be placed on Web sites to provide for the encryption of sensitive data. They also help prove an online business’ identity, improve security and promote customer confidence. Sites protected with regular SSL Certificates show a padlock icon and often contain a secure site seal. Also, users see the prefix “https” before the domain name in the address bar.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates set an even higher standard for secure online businesses and provide additional consumer confidence. The Go Daddy® EV SSL Certificates automatically show a Web site is secure with all of the features of a regular SSL Certificate. In addition, computer users will see a green background and the name of the organization that owns the EV SSL Certificate in the address bar when using Internet Explorer 7. Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox 3.0 is expected to have a similar indicator.

“We want people to know right away they’re on a legitimate Web site and the information they exchange is secure,” said Thayer. “You shouldn’t have to wonder what company is running the Web site when you’re paying bills or doing business online.”

The 25 companies that approved the new guidelines, including Microsoft Corporation and The Mozilla Foundation, are working together as a voluntary organization called the Certification Authority/Browser Forum. More information on the forum, including a copy of the guidelines, is available at

Go Daddy helped draft the new rules, voted in favor of them and supports them. Go Daddy already sells EV SSL Certificates to corporations. For more information about Go Daddy SSL Certificates, go to

Go Daddy is the second largest SSL Certificate provider in the world, according to Netcraft, LTD, an Internet analyst. Go Daddy is also the world’s top domain name registrar with about 22 million domain names in its portfolio and 4 million customers.

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