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Phoenix Technology Firm Makes SEO Easy with ‘Moguling’ Technology

June 28, 2007; 01:41 AM

A new partnership between an Internet Real Estate company, DotVentures, LLC of Arizona and Search Marketing, LLC yields a collaboration that has created what could be the holy grail of SEO and Blog Marketing. It recommended that if companies are considering publishing any new content on the Internet, they should strongly consider a tool like this before investing anymore in old technology.

The tool is available in beta at:

Until now, the SEO process meant constructing a site and working hard to achieve ranking. This has evolved into a whole science involving keyword research, painstaking site development & programming, along with constant maintenance in merely the hope that search engines will notice. Moguling doesn’t nullify that but takes the same SEO principals, automates them and supercharges the results with an indexing tool that can even make topic suggestions, based on keyword relevancy.

“This tool will definitely shake some things up in the SEO space. We estimate that some companies will save up to 90% of what’s currently being spent on Search Engine Optimization”. That’s how powerful and effective this tool can be, and if you’re not using it soon, you could get left behind in a real hurry,” says Kiloh Smith, one of the larger users of the new tool as well as the company’s chief marketing managers. Everyone knows that blogging is starting to take over Internet rankings because it is so responsive to the user and so dynamic by nature.

Kiloh Smith says, “We have also found that by connecting Blogs to an existing web site is a great way to begin the integration process of social media and traditional web sites, but eventually everything will evolve into what users want to say about you or your products, not the “’one way’” marketing done in the past.”

Mr. Smith continues with, “The Moguling blog pages are very dynamic, and constantly-changing. There is no comparison. We’re getting top rankings on competitive keywords in an extremely short period of time. We’ve literally taken a $10 domain name and increased its value by hundreds of times within a few months. With rising advertising costs, businesses will benefit in a hurry from this tool.”

The tool works great for domainers, new start up businesses or existing businesses looking to leverage a strong online strategy by blogging.

Mr. Smith says, “Blogging via Moguling creates a constant influx of optimized content being posted to the blog. The blog then acts as a repository for this content. After say… twenty posts have been accumulated a real resource on the subject the blog is about, has been created, with the help of the tool’s simple but effective keyword optimization features. Of course, search engine spiders begin to take notice of this and start to classify your new content with greater enthusiasm (high rankings).”

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company develops online real estate for a range of clients and also is developing online real estate around about 3,000 of its own domain names using the tool. Interested in learning more about Moguling? Go here:

Kiloh Smith, 888-291-2976,

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