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.uk Register Reaches Six Million Mark

July 6, 2007; 02:23 AM
The .uk domain name register has passed the six million mark. The domain name taking us to the landmark six million figure was, registered by Tony Hunt, a tradesman from Merseyside.

The continued increase in registrations indicates that British Internet users recognise the value of having a address.  A recent survey of 2,324 Internet users, carried out by YouGov demonstrated that users were six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than .com address when looking for information via an Internet search engine.

Lesley Cowley, Chief Executive of Nominet, comments: "With six million domain names now registered and a large percentage of these linked to e-commerce, it's easy to see the importance of a domain name to a business.  Local companies such as Klassik Builders are realising the value of a .uk domain name for promoting their business to customers."

Tony Hunt, registrant of, argues: "I found that not having a web site was restricting the growth of my business.  These days people go straight to the Internet to find information - even if they are just looking for a local builder.  I plan to use the web site as a shop window to let people know what services are available and how they can contact me.  I felt that by choosing a address, people would be more likely to visit my web site."

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