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"The President" Domain Name Announced for Sale

July 6, 2007; 02:09 AM
As the race for the Oval Office heats up, the Internet has become an increasingly important campaign resource as candidates work toward getting their message out to as many voters as possible. The Internet is also providing a much easier path to the White House by bypassing the election process altogether with the sale of a domain name as timely as it is timeless;

With the buying and selling of domain names often called the “Real Estate of the 21st Century,” would have to be considered prime Beverly Hills real estate and top domainers the “Donald Trump’s” of cyberspace. According to Zetetic, a leading independent domain name research company, the domain name aftermarket broke the $100 million mark in 2006, reaching across 17,974 domain name sales with five names fetching more than $1 million each.

While “’s” are still considered the most powerful of the Top Level Domains, the sale also includes ThePresident.Net, ThePresident.Org and ThePresident.Biz, thereby offering maximum visibility and usage potential.

David Pisarra, Esq. is handling the sale of ThePresident and expects the name to easily fetch a six-figure price. “Given the current state of the booming domain name market and our offering of the four key Top Level Domains, we anticipate very attractive offers,” says Pisarra from his Los Angeles-based law firm Pisarra & Grist. He adds, “With the inherent commerciality, branding components and long-term relevance of ThePresident, we’re looking forward to hearing from a variety of sectors on both the national and international levels.”

What will be most interesting is the ultimate use of the platform by the winning bidder. “The name lends itself to such a wide variety of uses, we can’t begin to anticipate what the active site will look like,” says Pisarra adding, “One thing is certain. There will always be interest in The President.”

For additional information on the selling of The President, please go to for bidding information or contact David Pisarra, Esq. directly at 310.664.9969 or [email protected]. Media inquires may be directed to Todd Fraser of at 310.278.2630 or [email protected].



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