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Domain Name Registrar MyDomain Provides Valuable Internet Property for All

MyDomain's Design Studio, .Mobi Services and Much More Provide All Internet Users With Domain Names to Establish and Enhance Their Online Real Estate

July 12, 2007; 07:36 AM
While the real estate market remains volatile, there is one place where property acquisition is still an affordable and viable opportunity – on the Internet! MyDomain, Inc., a leading domain name registration service and provider of self-service domain management tools, makes it easier and more affordable than ever before to take advantage of online real estate by offering the most reliable and comprehensive Web site packages to provide consumers with marketable and memorable domain names.

Everyone from small business owners and students to retirees and consumers now have a trusted and reliable source in MyDomain to obtain elusive Web real estate. With its step-by-step services -- including new Design Studio and .Mobi packages -- reliable customer service and Web site maintenance, MyDomain allows no room for excuses to wait to create or update your online presence.

.Mobi domain names are rapidly becoming extremely high-valued pieces of Internet real estate as technology advances on mobile devices. Internet businesses have seen a marked trend of customers accessing the Internet from their cell phones instead of their computers and thus rely on MyDomain’s .Mobi services to accommodate its customers. With .Mobi certified Web designers and a starting price of only $14.95 for a year, MyDomain gives its users all the reasons to stay ahead of the game and obtain a .Mobi domain name.

Business owners increasingly understand the benefits of an on-line presence and personal Web sites are becoming more popular than ever before. Keeping this in mind, MyDomain has created its Design Studio program to assist both users.

People looking to create personal Web sites may take advantage of MyDomain’s Design Studio program to acquire a domain name and quickly establish an online presence personalized to their specific needs. MyDomain’s team of professional designers handle the complex process of building and uploading Web sites, followed by the provision of long-term support for any subsequent needs the customer may have. Unlike competing programs, Custom Site provides direct-to-consumer accountability, providing better quality control and customer satisfaction over time.

After domain names have been chosen, MyDomain assists all of its users with programs that help market your Web site and drive traffic to it. With programs such as its Local Site Promotion, Web site owners have the ability to register their Web sites with all search engines and increase traffic from local consumers and users.

Now more than ever before, MyDomain gives customers of all ages, profession and Internet proficiency every reason to get online and make a name for themselves!


MyDomain’s reputation as a customer-centric registrar is well established. Founded in 1998, is a leading domain registration company and provider of premium-managed web site services, including the most reliable web hosting and self-service domain management tools. distinguishes itself as a company that gives customers their independence through integrated web access with a toolset that allows users to operate online without installing any extra software or servers.

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