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Dot TK Free Domain Names – A new approach to make a whole country TLD free of illicit content

July 18, 2007; 05:13 AM

London, United Kingdom – Dot TK, the Internet registry for .TK domain names, announced today the launch of the latest version of WatchDot, the content filtering system used to check newly registered websites for illicit content, such as adult entertainment, messages of hate and other websites that do no comply with Dot TK’s content policy.

Dot TK is the first and only choice for a free, simple domain name to replace any long and hard to remember web addresses. Users can rename their blog, personal, profile or any other existing web presence into an easy-to-remember domain name. Users can register any domain that is available at no charge. Currently Dot TK registers 8,000 new domain names – every day.

With over 1.6 million current websites and around 6 million hits a day; it’s no easy task to keep a check on every registration. Luckily that’s where WatchDot comes in.

WatchDot is a fully automated filtering system that works hard to look at each new registered domain name and also periodically re-checks existing domains. Once it has finished checking, it flags up any sites containing potentially harmful or unsafe adult material, violence or hatred - as well as anything containing spy ware, viruses or scams. If WatchDot encounters a domain registration request or an existing domain that contains any of this, it will be flagged up to our registration system and refused. This makes Dot TK domain names amongst the safest possible to own or browse.

The main addition to WatchDot 3.0 is the usage of SonicWALL CSM 2200 equipment to improve the content security management. This powerful hardware will help keep both our domain registrants and their users safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Features of the CSM 2200 that will enhance our existing version of WatchDot include:

  • Comprehensive, constantly updated content filtering to provide clean Internet access
  • Continual feedback and updates on URL effectiveness from their global database
  • Transparently integrated within our server architecture
  • Easy to setup, manage and monitor

“We have chosen SonicWALL equipment to use with the 3.0 version of WatchDot as we were looking for a reliable and easy-to-integrate security solution which is self sufficient once set up”, Says Joost Zuurbier, CEO of Dot TK. “Thanks to SonicWALL we are able to control illicit content even better now and in the future”.

“The SonicWALL Content Security Manager 2200 delivers comprehensive content protection in a single unit, by integrating real-time gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware and content filtering making it an ideal solution for businesses like Dot TK,” said Keith Bird, Managing Director, Europe, SonicWALL. “We are delighted that Dot TK has chosen to work with our solution, ensuring the integrity of the content of Internet domains registered with them.”

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, its communication company Teletok and Taloha Inc, a privately held company. More information about Dot TK can be found at

Mike Hurst, [email protected], +44 020 7734 9596
Dot TK, 8 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0PH, United Kingdom

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