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Virtualization: Virtual Private Domain

Domain Name Virtualization extends Internet capabilities.

July 25, 2007; 01:33 AM

Domain Name Virtualization™ solution is a new approach to domain management. It extends internet capabilities that enables users to benefit from more descriptive and relevant internet names.

VirtuaDOM Virtual Private Domain™ was developed in response to the growing need of the Internet community, and is designed to create a structured, open and constantly evolving Internet naming architecture which will improve the online experience for people everywhere.

New top-level domains, such as .book, .game, .movie and .shop, reserved for specific types of businesses, increase the value of a web name by instantly telling users about the nature of web content. A memorable VirtuaDOM web address tells the world that you are part of a new generation of online experiences. Whether you are an individual, small or medium sized business, or a large corporation, Virtual Private Domain can be your web address.

VirtuaDOM™ does not fall under the authority of ICANN. VirtuaDOM has developed cutting-edge technology and solutions that allow the Virtual Private Domain name system to exist alongside the traditional naming systems currently in use on the Internet.

But VirtuaDOM is so much more than the provision of a domain name or Internet space, VirtuaDOM is working to deliver innovative Internet based services and creates an environment for new communication channels. offers 25 free value-added services and features with every Virtual Private Domain registration, including 18 sub-domains, such as

VirtuaDOM sub-domains can be used to identify various communication services, such as fax, phone, mobile, voice-mail systems, IP telephony, or GPS coordinates. The use of VirtuaDOM offers multiple opportunities for modern communication scenarios in various areas. VirtuaDOM provides a platform for the development of services that can enhance the scope of this outreach.

Registration of VirtuaDOM domain names is possible for any individual or business, anywhere in the world. Virtual Private Domains are accessible to everyone who enable their browser to view virtual links.

VirtuaDOM names are registered on a first come, first served basis. The party requesting registration of a name is responsible that, to her or his knowledge, the use of a given name does not violate trademark or other statutes.

Copyright friendly. VirtuaDOM Virtual Private Domains are unique and memorable and use the Internet's existing web server infrastructure.

VirtuaDOM only employs pages that are on websites. So for copyright holders, policing VirtuaDOM is exactly the same as policing the traditional websites currently in use on the Internet.

Branded Top-Level Domains. VirtuaDOM will create identity for your group, community or company on the Internet and introduce your own sponsored .mybrand top-level domain to the millions of Internet users that have access to VirtuaDOM web space.

Personalised Top-Level Domains. VirtuaDOM afford individuals the opportunity to use their private domains to showcase their personalities, nicknames, brands or sense of humour.

Don't miss out on the VirtuaDOM phenomenon! Under .com, there are no English words still available for registration. Under VirtuaDOM, the sky is still the limit. So be creative and register names that reflect your company's image. provides the Cash For Virtual™ reseller solutions to internet service providers, hosting companies, consultants, web developer, designer or SEO consultants and more.

Nikola Anastasov, 38 Andrea Araouzou, Nicosia, Cyprus, [email protected]

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