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Premier Domain Name Portfolio Is Being Liquidated By BlogSpotâ„¢ Auction

August 3, 2007; 06:07 AM
BlogSpot™ Domain Name Auction announced today that they are liquidating the remaining inventory of the UAB Domain Name Portfolio. The high profile business domain names in this liquidation are all keyword rich and industry specific web addresses which are the most highly valued of all domain names.

As is expected in any liquidation, the top tier domain names in this liquidation are priced to attract the savvy domain name investors and businesses searching for high quality web addresses. "There are simply very few quality domain names available anywhere, and finding one at a great price is nearly impossible," says Bert L. Bill, COO.

The most valuable business or eCommerce domain names include the business or industry that they serve within the name. When you are in the investment business, having a domain name that includes the word "investment" is the key to search engine success and without search engine success you are forced to pay for advertising. The cost of internet advertising is quite expensive and subject to click fraud, thereby making domain names that obtain top natural search positioning internet business gold.

Domain names are a hot commodity these days with many high profile names going for several million. The high demand for "keyword rich" domain names, combined with the scarcity of such, is driving the market which is predicted to escalate in the future. "We have been in the domain name brokering and development business for many years and have never seen such a strong interest from investors from around the world. It appears that "domain name flipping" is underway, providing huge profits for savvy investors," says Bert L. Bill, COO.

BlogSpot Brands™ is privately owned and based in Orlando, Florida.



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