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A Leading Registrar and Hosting Company Now Becomes the Most Certified for Mobile Web Development

Dotster’s MyDomain Offers Specialized Expertise In The New .Mobi Standard for Mobile Web Development

August 14, 2007; 07:29 AM

Vancouver, WA –– MyDomain, a brand of Dotster, Inc., dedicated to helping companies build and optimize websites for true Mobile Internet access, announces its .mobi mobile web developer Certification. MyDomain is one of only a handful of companies to actually have .mobi certified developers on staff, and is the most experienced at building .mobi compliant sites, which are revolutionizing the Mobile Internet experience for millions of cell phone users.

.mobi is the the first – and only – top level domain dedicated to delivering the internet to the mobile phone. It was developed by a consortium of 14 of the world's most prominent mobile and Internet companies who been working together to create a standard for website development that delivers the best mobile Internet experience via content designed specifically to be browsed and viewed on mobile devices. .mobi will revolutionized and broaden the possibilities for mobile internet access for users, service providers, content providers and mobile manufacturers.

With .mobi Mobile Web Developer Certification, MyDomain’s Web designers offer specialized knowledge in mobile Web development across multiple platforms – not just for .mobi sites. In addition, the Web designers feature strong background in the best practices of the W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative.

Clint Page, Chief Executive Officer, Dotster, Inc., “As a leader in Web hosting and domain registration, MyDomain understands that companies who want to tap into the growing legions of mobile users need to offer them the optimum online experience possible and content that is designed specifically for them. MyDomain’s .mobi Mobile Web Developer certified designers are experts in the field, and offer a strong competitive advantage and high-level of excellence that our customers have come to expect.”

As .mobi Mobile Web Developer certified, MyDomain’s Web designers each have a personalized .mobi Web site with proof of certification, and have been added to .mobi’s directory of certified developers for client referrals.

With the dramatic rise of increased mobile Internet access, most Internet businesses have seen a marked trend of customers accessing the Internet from their cell phones instead of their computers, and .mobi Web site are created exclusively to be viewed on mobile devices. MyDomain and its highly skilled team of Web designers offer consumers .mobi domain extensions and provide expert design assistance to ensure its customers have all Internet related creative services at their disposal with a top-tier team to assist them with every detail.

To help individuals and businesses benefit from the .mobi opportunity, MyDomain has staffed its MyDomain Design Studio with .mobi site experts. As part of the MyDomain Design Studio, the .mobi team is available to work one-on-one with clients to build the ultimate .mobi site. Additionally, MyDomain is pricing custom .mobi design at $99 per page to encourage wider adoption of the domain extension.


MyDomain’s reputation as a customer-centric registrar is well established. Founded in 1998, is a leading domain registration company and provider of premium-managed web site services, including the most reliable web hosting and self-service domain management tools. Purchased by Dotster Inc in 2002, distinguishes itself with tiered domain registration pricing, offering some of the lowest registration pricing in the industry as well as a complete array of Internet solutions including custom web site design, Internet marketing and shared and VPS hosting. 

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