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EuroDNS celebrates .eu Domain’s 2.5 Million Registrations with 50% Registration Discount

September 3, 2007; 02:46 AM

Only 16 months after its official appearance, the .eu domain has recorded 2.5 million registrations for the second time – after a brief consolidation. The same number had been reached in the spring, but as the year ended, some of the domains registered in the opening phase had not been claimed by their owners, which pushed the number of total registrations below 2.5 million.

For Frederick Schiwek, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for leading domain registrar EuroDNS SA, reaching the 2.5 million mark “proves that the common Internet suffix is clearly on the road to success in Europe.”

Among EU countries, the countries with the greatest number of .eu domains are Germany (815,000), the United Kingdom (354,000), and the Netherlands (340,000) all core markets of EuroDNS. France (170,000) and Italy (125,000) follow closely behind. Sweden and Cyprus occupy the front of the midfield with 90,000 registrations each, and Slovenia and Bulgaria (3,900 each) and Gibraltar (2,500) occupy the lower end of that area.

The smallest number of domain names has been registered in far-off French overseas territories: 181 in Réunion, 75 in Guadeloupe, 49 in Martinique, and 8 in French Guyana.

Most of the domain owners use their existing generic or country-specific domains as their primary address and register their .eu domains as a second or alternate address. But more and more companies and organizations support the goal of greater unity within Europe and prefer to use the .eu suffix. “Originally conceived of as a defensive suffix, .eu is now mature and well into the .com competition for most used domain,” says Schiwek.

To mark the registration of 2.5 million domains, EuroDNS is offering a discount on .eu domains until September 30, 2007. Customers who enter discount code EUPR25M when placing an order with EuroDNS receive a discount of 50%.

In addition to the .eu promotion, another set of ccTLD discounts is available from EuroDNS by clicking here.

About EuroDNS

EuroDNS is a global domain registrar headquartered in Luxembourg and with offices in the Netherlands, France, Poland, and Korea. Specialized in geographic domain names, the group focuses on the European market with EuroDNS and the Asian one with AsiaDNS. With its registration portal in 10 languages and with more than 25 top-level domains, EuroDNS covers 97% of the market in the enlarged European Union. For more information, please visit

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