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Weightlifting Enthusiast Starts Blog

September 24, 2007; 02:23 AM

Weight lifting and body building advocate, Roy Kehoe, has partnered with Neekam company to create the Weightlifting Blog. This blog will act as a source of information and networking for weightlifting, power lifting, and getting bigger muscles and more. This blog's mission is to provide information to promote, enhance, empower and invigorate the world's weightlifting and power lifting communities for this and future generations.

"It's a frequent mistake that weightlifting and bodybuilding are one and the same," said Mr. Kehoe, "But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Bodybuilding emphasizes developing large, well-defined, well-proportioned muscles," Tuttle said. "In weightlifting, on the other hand, the goal is simply increasing muscular strength. Now, weight training, that's something else entirely. Weight training builds strength to improve performance in other athletic activities. You're gonna see a lot of basketball and football players doing weight training."

This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding weight training, power lifting, and body building, as well as help focus awareness on muscle & fitness issues.

"I'm developing every muscle in my body, from pecs to glutes to triceps," Kehoe said. "Why devote yourself to a sport that doesn't demand perfection from every inch of you? When I use my body, I want to go all-out, balls to the wall."

According to Mr. Kehoe the Blog also stresses total fitness, "The top bodybuilders of yesterday built impressive muscular physiques and did it without drugs. The did it using superior training and nutrition methods to pack on slabs of lean muscle mass naturally!"

Not too long ago, exercise was primarily pushed on younger people for its benefits. It was even thought that older people couldn't develop muscle mass or strength even if they wanted to. Studies at Harvard and elsewhere have now firmly put that myth to rest. Not only is regular exercise good for older people, it's imperative to maintain a high quality of life.

As people age, several changes occur in the body that exercise can help slow or reverse. Metabolism slows, leading to increased fat accumulation. Artery passageways often narrow, leading to higher blood pressure and lowered flow. Bones become thinner and more porous, a condition known as osteoporosis. Muscles and skin lose tone.

The Weightlifting Blog helps interested people stay abreast of the latest news on body building, weightlifting, total fitness, sports nutrition, muscle growth, power lifting and more.

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