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Comic Books Enthusiast Starts Blog

October 8, 2007; 03:27 AM

Comic books and comic illustrations fan, Marvin Chatinover, has partnered with Neekam company to create the Comic Books 180 blog. This blog will act as a source of information and networking for buy comic books, Marvel comic books, comic books value, free online comic books, old comic books, Christian comic books, sell comic books, free comic books, old comic books values, sell your comic books, buying comic books, collectible comic books, adult comic books, graphic comic books, vintage comic books, Archie comic books, DC comic books and more!

"The only thing I get through now is comic books. I've always read lots of comic books" said Mr. Chatinover, "Comic books are the closest thing America has to mythology. It's like our own Greek Pantheon. Knowing I can add information to that Pantheon is pretty amazing."

This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding comic books, Marvel comics, DC comics, underground comics as well as help focus awareness on comics art.

"The last time I visited my brother, his 8-year-old son pulled me into the computer room to show me that he had the entire Stan Lee/Steve Ditko run of Amazing Spider-Man, and bragged about how he'd read them all... for him, that's just the way you read old comics, and for me, that's good news."

According to Mr. Chatinover the Blog also stresses comic book art, ”When a person looks at a piece of art, he or she will have their own interpretation of it. One might like it and others may not for many different reasons. Comic book art is created for comedic or dramatic value”

There are a lot of comic books out there that throw everything including the kitchen sink in to the mix to create something different from your usual comics experience while still being, at the end of the day, action/adventure stories. This blog seeks to identify those and drive awareness about them.

The Comic Books 180 blog helps fans stay abreast of the latest news on Marvel comics, underground comics, DC comics, comic art, superhero comics and more.

Neekam company helps clients get the most out of their Internet domain names. Neekam's proprietary Blog Domain Name Riches system is a “soup-to-nuts” key to unlocking domain name investing riches.

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