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Press Releases by Now Offers .ASIA Top Level Domain Registration

October 10, 2007; 02:54 AM has been accredited to provide registrations for the new .ASIA top-level domain by The DotAsia Organization, a not-for-profit, community based organization that is the registry for the .ASIA domain.

Go Daddy will begin accepting .ASIA registrations tomorrow, at the start of the Sunrise period. The Sunrise period is divided into three phases including the acceptance of applications for Governmental Reserved Names, registered trademarks and service mark holders, and for companies in the region to use their name with the .ASIA domain.

“Now is the time. Asia is a region with explosive online growth,” said Bob Parsons, Go Daddy CEO and Founder. We are ready and waiting to help people register the new .ASIA domain name extension.”

In February 2008, the Landrush period is targeted to commence and is available for anyone meeting the charter eligibility requirements. For domains receiving more than one valid application during the Sunrise and Landrush periods, a closed auction will be held for all competing applicants. A first-come, first-served registration process for the .ASIA domain is targeted to begin in March 2008.

The .ASIA tld is dedicated to the Asia community. The .ASIA community, as defined by ICANN, consists of the Asia, Australia and Pacific regions which include 73 countries. Anyone can be a registrant for .ASIA domains, but in order to satisfy the eligibility requirements, the Charter Eligibility Declaration of the applied domain must represent a legal entity in the .ASIA community. A legal entity may be a person or a juristic entity, such as a corporation. offers 41 domain extensions and as the world’s dominant registrar, registers more domain names than its three closest competitors combined. is also a leading Web hosting provider offering more than 35 related products to help customers create an online presence.

For detailed information about the Sunrise period and each phase, please visit:

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