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BlueCat Networks Announces IPAM Integration with Windows DNS/DHCP Servers

Windows DNS/DHCP customers reap benefits of Proteus IP Address Management platform

October 18, 2007; 03:23 AM

BlueCat Networks, the IPAM Intelligence Company™, today announced that the latest version of its enterprise-class IP address management platform, Proteus, will support Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers. With this announcement, BlueCat is offering an elegant solution to further leverage existing customer investments in Windows technology while providing centralized management of IP addresses and DNS/DHCP services. The Proteus management layer provides visibility to any number of servers from a single, centralized view, delivering enterprise-class audit, tagging and delegated access control to Windows DNS/DHCP servers in support of highly available networks.

“With virtually millions of Windows DNS and DHCP servers currently deployed world-wide, we recognized the value and intelligence that Proteus could bring to these disparate systems,” said Michael Hyatt, CEO and Co-Founder, BlueCat Networks. “Our technology layers on top of Windows servers to give Windows enterprise customers the ability to transform their existing investments into IPAM-enabled assets that deliver exceptional network visibility from a web-based, centrally managed platform.”

Microsoft Windows servers continue to provide the proven, reliable DNS and DHCP capabilities their customers demand. However, Windows servers were not designed to provide the scalability, granular network views and delegated access controls needed to support increasingly complex enterprise IP networks and the challenging corporate environments in which they operate. Most organizations understand the cost-prohibitive implications of replacing their existing Windows servers for ones that offer centralized management capabilities.

With Proteus, Windows platform layering gives network managers the ability to cost-effectively deliver a host of new IP address management features and functionality at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

In the last five years, organizations have seen their network demands skyrocket, while their supporting IT staff remains at or below the same size. As a result, IT administrators are stretched to deal with increasingly complex networks, while trying to avoid painful and costly business disruptions. BlueCat’s ability to seamlessly integrate its Proteus IPAM capabilities into Windows server networks extends their overall value proposition. Now Windows customers can have the best of both worlds by leveraging their existing server investments and layer on the industry’s best IP Address Management platform available.

The Proteus IPAM Platform provides:

  • A single, centralized management platform that can run separately from the DNS and DHCP servers
  • Scalability, allowing large numbers of systems to be configured in an instant, without effecting performance
  • IP allocation and tracking
  • A multi-core architecture with separate views for DNS, IP and MAC
  • High availability and redundancy
  • Better visibility into the network -- audit trails and IP discovery ensure changes and updates are tracked and searchable
  • Object tagging for easier grouping, organization and troubleshooting
  • Access management – the ability to delegate access rights as deemed appropriate
  • Data checkers to ensure configurations are deployed correctly
For a Live demonstration of BlueCat Networks’ award-winning Proteus IPAM platform and Adonis DNS/DHCP appliances, stop by booth #337 at Interop New York, October 22-26.

Media Contact: David Martinek, BlueCat Networks, 4101 Younge St., Suite 502, Toronto, Ontario, M2P1N6, 416.646.8415, [email protected]

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