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BlueCat Networks Launches IPAM Intelligence Platform

Proteus 2.1 now integrates with Windows DNS/DHCP servers; provides the latest in network visibility and intelligent IP address management

October 18, 2007; 03:21 AM

BlueCat Networks, the IPAM Intelligence Company™, today announced the release of its latest version of Proteus, the company’s leading-edge IPAM platform. Proteus 2.1 has added improved management capabilities with the introduction of advanced data checking, event notification and improved usability. The latest version also demonstrates BlueCat’s continued product innovation leadership with advancements that include Proteus’ ability to centrally manage Windows DNS and DHCP server across remote office locations.
IP addresses are critical to any enterprise’s network as they are used to access vital network resources such as workstations, laptops, PDAs, servers, applications, VoIP, point of sale systems, and storage area networks. According to Forrester Research, “Today's networks are part of a mission-critical IT infrastructure fabric. They provide the ‘dial tone’ of IT — an always-on, always-available service for connecting to data and applications. But most companies don't invest in the infrastructure that's needed to support this dial tone.” (Forrester Research, “Taking IP From A Commodity To A Utility,” May 10, 2007, Robert Whiteley)
As part of its integration with Microsoft, the Proteus platform will fully support and manage Windows DNS and DHCP servers. Windows users will benefit from better security and compliance due to its advanced audit trails, object tagging and the ability for the service layer to continuously run in the event of an outage. Further, Proteus 2.1 enables the network manager to better configure and support Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers by deploying data from a single, central location and the ability to delegate multiple layers of administrator access control over any part of the network configuration.
“Through the introduction of Proteus 2.1, BlueCat Networks is the only vendor delivering a game-changing, intelligent IPAM solution,” said Richard Hyatt, CTO and Co-Founder, BlueCat Networks. “Innovative features like advanced data checking and tiered access delegation, coupled with its integration capabilities; Proteus transforms millions of Windows DNS / DHCP servers into IPAM-enabled network assets. The Proteus 2.1 launch redefines industry benchmarks and is another example of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with better, easy-to-use, centralized IP address management.”
New in Proteus 2.1 is the availability of automated data checking. Network managers can run a holistic check of the DNS and DHCP servers, ensuring that all configurations are accurate prior to deployment. The data check can be programmed to run periodically or at the network manager’s discretion and provides an event notification should something be detected. The end result is the ability to minimize the deployment of a bad configuration and a reduction in the administrative efforts put forth in trying to fix network issues.
Additional features available in Proteus 2.1 include:

  • Enhanced usability including more customizable tables and fields
  • Event Notification services to automatically notify administrators of issues as they occur in real-time
  • Improved tools for allocating IP addresses and networks with extensions for self-provisioning
  • Introduction of Network Access Control and integration with BlueCat’s own MAC Authentication
For a Live demonstration of BlueCat Networks’ award-winning Proteus IPAM platform and Adonis DNS/DHCP appliances, stop by booth #337at Interop New York, October 22-26

David Martinek, BlueCat Networks, 4101 Yonge St., Suite 502, Toronto, Ontario, M2P1N6, 416.646.8415, [email protected]

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