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New Top-Level Domain .WEB on the Virtual Wide Web

This is an exciting chance to own .web domain name like money.web or business.web

October 30, 2007; 04:25 AM

The Virtual Wide Web™ introduces New Top-Level Domain .WEB. Register a cool .web name and get a great sounding web address! This is an exciting chance to register domains like business.web or money.web. Registration is quick, simple and possible for any individual or business, anywhere in the world.

Virtual Wide Web (VWW) is a parallel universe, the virtual simulation of a real World Wide Web (WWW) space, and is a virtual environment used for serving Web pages via virtual links. The domain names on Virtual Wide Web can be accessed through virtual links like vtp://myshop.web

With Virtual Wide Web, all generic domain names are available again for registration and with any virtual extension, such as .com, .net, .biz, .info, .uk, .web, .shop .xxx and many more. Once you own the domain, you can redirect the domain to any site. Your .web domains appear in real-world search engine results.

Domain Name Virtualization™ is a technology that isolates the Virtual Wide Web domains from the traditional naming systems currently in use on the Internet. Virtual Private Domain™ Name System extends internet capabilities that enables users to benefit from more descriptive and relevant internet names.

New virtual top-level domains, such as .book, .game, .movie and .shop, reserved for specific types of businesses, increase the value of a web name by instantly telling users about the nature of web content. A memorable Virtual Wide Web address, such as myname.web, and www.tom, tells the world that you are part of a new generation of online experiences.

More Than A Domain - When you register .web domains, you get a complete website package: 25 free value added services and features including multiple web redirection and 18 sub-domains, such as phone.myshop.web, predefined and reserved for various communication services, free email service, extra traffic from virtual wide web network and more. Enable your browser to recognise virtual links. It's free at!

The Virtual Wide Web domains: Ideal for New Virtual Generation, Virtual Business, Virtual Fun and Virtual Life!

Please visit for more information.

Virtually Yours,

Nikola Anastasov, founder

Contact: Nikola Anastasov, founder, Elmed Medicomat Ltd., admin at,

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