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How Can Government Ask for Security unless It Deploys on Its Own Websites

October 29, 2007; 05:31 AM

As government and public sectors are upgrading towards Internet, higher technologies, and electronic transactions to achieve their mission and objectives, they will have to have security as a part of this as they cannot neglect the importance of SSL certificates as they help in handling the online security risks.

Why Government Sector needs SSL?

E-governance refers to online government operations such as online voting, remote access to government networks for communication, coordination and collaboration purposes, online filing of tax returns etc.

• To meet privacy, security and safety standards for their various online operations
• SSL certificates are globally accepted for the authentication and hence can be used for secure remote access to government networks.
• SSL is the necessity as reputation of Public Sectors’ relies on the privacy and integrity.
• SSL certificates are must to deliver secure online information and services.
• SSL ensures the protection of privacy of personal and sensitive data.
• With SSL you can share confidential information over an intranet with out the fear of hacking.
• Secured Socket Layer helps in increased public visibility and accountability towards Government.
• Digital certificates reduces the risks of citizens and taxpayers information by maintaining privacy.
• SSL eliminates the chances of online fraud and identity theft.

Before asking citizens to participate in and adapt to various online systems, it is very important for the Government to follow the standards and take care of its online security. SSL certificates are as important as public votes and support for the Government to survive.

Consequences of not deploying an SSL Certificate on a Public Sector / Government website –

• The Government institution/organization will lose credibility if it does not take appropriate security measures. The public sector plays a very important role in the overall economy and direction of a country. It is important that the citizens of a country trust and believe in its government bodies and other public sector institutions.
• Technologizing the public sector is a dream comes true for most advocates of technology, since technology increases efficiencies. It is very difficult to get people to use such online systems, if effective security measures are not used.
The public sector is likely to deal with extremely sensitive information in domains such as defense and national security. The security of such information is of paramount importance for the country and cannot be compromised at any cost. This is one of the highest levels of security requirement.

What kind of an SSL Certificate do you need if you are a Public Sector/ Government Organization?

Government / Public Sectors can secure their online access, communications, Valuable and highly sensitive information and maintain their Privacy standards with Premium SSLGenie, a high assurance web server certificate.
Premium SSLGenie is the High Assurance SSL certificates for higher level of security on Public Sector Websites.

Features of Premium SSLGenie are –

Full business validated certificate.
99.3 % browser ubiquity/compatibility.
• Warranty upto $1, 00,000.
Site Seal, from a Global Certification Authority Website identity authentication and instant proof to the customers that your website can be trusted.
• Unlimited Re-issuance policy.
1024 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate.
SGC - Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) enabled certificates upgrade the encryption capabilities of older browsers from 40-bit encryption into full 128/256 bit encryption ensuring your website protects and is trusted by the highest number of internet users possible.
• FOR MULTIPLE DOMAINS, Wildcard - SSL Encryption on Multiple Sub domains. Wildcard certificates can secure multiple fully qualified domains if they share the same base domain name and reside on the same physical server and share the same second level domain name.

Government can secure their website in just $105 per annum at SSLGenie
** $210 for Wildcard if you want to secure sub domains.

Company Name: - MindGenies
Contact Person: - Maya Gupta
Contact Address: - C-22/28, Sector – 57, Noida – 201301
Contact No.:- +91-120-4256016
Mobile No: - +91-9910893642 (India) / +1-310-776-7543 (USA)

E-mail id: - [email protected]

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