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You can increase your online bookings with SSL Certificates, it attracts customers

Online bookings with SSL Certificates issue certificate by the authority.

November 2, 2007; 03:47 AM

Customers are concerned about their safety and they look for the pad-lock icon at the bottom right of you browser………… So don’t SAVE JUST $105 per annum and loose the business of MILLIONS….. BUY SSL Now from SSLGenie the trusted Global Certification authority!!!

Why would a website with online bookings need SSL?

An SSL certificate ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers will remain private and confidential. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites to protect customers` online transactions and their valuable information.

• SSL certificates helps customers to make fast decisions and they are more likely to make an online booking as it develops trust between you and your visitors.
• To meet privacy, security and safety standards and to protect personal and sensitive data.
• Secured Socket Layer helps in increased visibility and accountability of your company.
• SSL Certificates are the most preferred method to secure credit card transactions and other sensitive data.
• SSL ensures the security of your credit card information when your customers book online.
• SSL makes your customers’ information secure and safe from third parties.
• SSL encrypts your customers’ name, credit card number and expiry date before they transmit over the Internet, which ensures the security of payment made for online bookings.
• SSL on your website shows your concern towards your customers’ safety, which builds a positive image and goodwill.

Consequences of not deploying an SSL Certificate on a online bookings website -

Before making any online booking visitors check the availability of SSL, which can be proved through

• The padlock symbol at the bottom line of your browser
• URL address shown at the top will begin with an https://
• Checking the File and then Properties of your website that will confirm that your browser and the website share the same security attributes.

Protecting your valuable customers’ credit card and personal information is our number one priority which can only be done through SLS certificate, If you will not value your customer’s security it may result into -

• Your prospective customers will go to your Competitors and do their bookings.
• Hackers and criminals may track the valuable information.
• Your prospective customers may loose confidence on you which can harm your goodwill.
It may decrease your visitor conversion rates and may effect your over all profitability

What kind of an SSL Certificate do you need if you dealing in online Bookings of Railways, Hotels, Airlines etc.

Websites can secure their visitors and customers online access, communications, Valuable and highly sensitive information (Credit card details) and maintain their Privacy standards with Premium SSLGenie, a high assurance web server certificate.

Premium SSLGenie is the High Assurance SSL certificates for higher level of security on your website that safeguards your customers and encourages them for online bookings.

Features of Premium SSLGenie are –

Full business validated certificate.
99.3 % browser ubiquity/compatibility.
• Warranty upto $1, 00,000.
Site Seal, from a Global Certification Authority Website identity authentication and instant proof to the customers that your website can be trusted.
• Unlimited Re-issuance policy.
1024 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate.
SGC - Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) enabled certificates upgrade the encryption capabilities of older browsers from 40-bit encryption into full 128/256 bit encryption ensuring your website protects and is trusted by the highest number of internet users possible.
FOR MULTIPLE DOMAINS, Wildcard - SSL Encryption on Multiple Sub domains. Wildcard certificates can secure multiple fully qualified domains if they share the same base domain name and reside on the same physical server and share the same second level domain name.

Websites with online bookings can secure their website in just $105 per annum, Premium Package
** $210 for Wildcard if you want to secure sub domains.

Company Name: - MindGenies
E-mail id: - [email protected]
Contact Person: - Maya Gupta
Contact Address: - C-22/28, Sector – 57, Noida – 201301
Contact No.:- +91-120-4256016
Mobile No: - +91-9910893642 (India) / +1-310-776-7543 (USA)

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