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CPS-Datensysteme Partners with GlobalSign to deploy SSL to its DACH Customer Base

Leading German Online Services Aggregator to Offer GlobalSign SSL to Ensure Customer Security Online

November 12, 2007; 11:01 AM

LONDON, UK -- GlobalSign (, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialists in SSL security, today announced that CPS-Datensysteme, a leading aggregator of Internet services to ISPs and Web Hosting companies, has selected GlobalSign to provide SSL Certificate products and services to its wide network of merchant customers. The partnership will allow CPS-Datensysteme to supply its German, Austrian and the Swiss customer base with the means to secure their online transactions and services using the highly trusted GlobalSign root.

CPS-Datensysteme has switched to GlobalSign from GeoTrust, the SSL Provider acquired by VeriSign in late 2006. GlobalSign was selected because of its world class ability to offer localized support, competitive pricing and access to a range of SSL Certificates containing the most comprehensive value-adds. With SGC included as standard, customizable certificate start and end dates, clickable site seals and the ability to include Subject Alternative Names (SANs) and wildcard characters to allow the securing of multiple sites with a single certificate, the GlobalSign SSL offerings deliver comprehensive benefits for CPS-Datensysteme’s customers and its solution providers through the German speaking regions.

“2007 has been an incredible year for GlobalSign.” said Paul Tourret, Managing Director, GlobalSign. “We have expanded the product portfolio, gained a true global footprint and now we’re very excited to be welcoming CPS-Datensysteme as the latest partner switching to GlobalSign to take advantage of our trusted solutions. CPS-Datensysteme serves a large number of ISP and hosting companies and is one of the leading domain registrars for providers and agencies. We are looking forward to a long term and close business relationship.”

Key features of GlobalSign’s SSL Certificate reseller program include the option of utilizing fast Domain Validation, Organization Validation or the newly standardized Extended Validation to activate the green address bar in IE7. The free inclusion of Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) (to “step up” weak 40 bit browser to server connections to strong 128 bit), extensive warranties, recognition by all popular browsers, applications and mobile devices and flexible API for full partner integration ensure GlobalSign partners receive the highest value SSL.

“Our customers demand a highly ubiquitous and trustworthy public root to secure their consumer’s online transactions and services and the unique delivery system pioneered by GlobalSign makes it easy to promote SSL and associated security features to customers of all technical understandings,” commented Felix Weigand, CEO of CPS-Datensysteme. “Our partnership with GlobalSign delivers everything we need to give our customers the confidence to conduct secure online transactions and we are happy to be working with such a forward thinking CA.”

GlobalSign SSL Certificates are now available through CPS-Datensysteme at

About CPS-Datensysteme

Based in the city of Vallendar, CPS-Datensysteme serves over 1300 customers and as a European hosting services aggregator is one of the leading domain registrars for providers and agencies. Targeting the European region, in particular Germany, Austria and Switzerland, CPS-Datensysteme currently manages 120,000 domains and also processes between 500 and 1000 online transactions every day. CPS-Datensysteme also provides associated technologies to German speaking providers and agencies, including SSL Certificates. CPS-Datensystem can be reached at

About GlobalSign

Established in 1996 and as a WebTrust accredited public certificate authority, GlobalSign offers publicly trusted SSL, including new Extended Validation SSL Certificates, S/MIME and code signing certificates for use on all Windows platforms including Mobile. The GlobalSign RootSign program allows the widely distributed and highly trusted GlobalSign root CA certificates to provide immediate trust for Microsoft CA and other inhouse CA users, thereby eliminating the costs associated with supporting non-trusted root CA certificates within an enterprise. These core GlobalSign solutions allow its thousands of enterprise customers to conduct secure online transactions and data submission, and provide tamper-proof distributable code as well as being able to bind identities to client certificates for email security and remote two factor authentication, such as SSL VPNs. The company has a rich history of innovation within the online security market and operates sales and support offices in the US, UK, Japan and Belgium, with services available in a number of European and Asian languages.

About GMO Internet Inc.

GMO Internet Inc. (CEO Masatoshi Kumagai) is headquartered in Tokyo and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section (Code: 9449). Its Internet based business areas include Internet infrastructure and media. Further details can be found at and Mr Kumagai’s profile can be found at

For further details please contact: Steve Waite, GlobalSign Ltd, +44 (0) 1622 766766, [email protected]

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