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Easy Antispam Launches New Email Protection Service for Domain Owners

DomainProtect easy to set up, easy to use, and easy on the budget.

December 7, 2007; 05:27 AM

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Easy Antispam announced at the WebmasterWorld PubCon conference in Las Vegas the immediate availability of their new DomainProtect service. DomainProtect allows domain owners to easily and affordably provide advanced email protection services to their email users without installing any software on their mail server or client computers.

The DomainProtect service brings all the advanced email protections of Easy Antispam’s proven ServerProtect service, which protects complete mail servers, to individual domain owners. Easy Antispam’s Email Protection Services are built on the powerful antispam technology of MessageIQ by MailFoundry, recognized as one of the best antispam platforms available.

DomainProtect will protect all email users of a domain and any alias domains from spam, viruses, phishing emails and other email attacks.  Sophisticated, real-time quarantine management is available to all users at no additional charge. Disaster recovery mail spooling is also included at no charge. Because there is no additional hardware or software to install, DomainProtect is the easiest antispam solution available today.

DomainProtect is priced at $4.95 per month per domain for unlimited alias domains, unlimited users and up to 20,000 processed messages per month. DomainProtect is available for ordering now at

About Easy Antispam

Easy Antispam is a service of Interjuncture Corp., a Crystal Lake, Illinois-based media and technology company.  Easy Antispam’s ServerProtect service was launched in early 2005 and protects the email of thousands of companies and organizations today.  Easy Antispam is a leading provider of email protection tools based on the MailFoundry antispam platform, including DomainProtect and ServerProtect services and MailFoundry hardware appliances.

For more information, contact: George A. Roberts IV, +1 815 261-4870 office, +1 815 477-3001 fax, [email protected]



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