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VirtuaDOM Networking - The Ultimate Web Advertising Tool

Surf, watch TV, promote and talk simultaneously and all for free

January 4, 2008; 03:06 AM

VirtuaDOM Networking Sidebar, The Ultimate Web Advertising Tool, is an extension for your web browser that provides the ability to surf, watch TV, promote and talk simultaneously, at any web site in real-time and all for free.

You will browse anyway in your daily life. So, why don't you turn your browser into a Free Advertising System that rewards you on EVERY page on the web. Promote your business and stay fully connected, no matter where you are on the web! The more you use the sidebar, the more visibility you earn to your profile and site!

Promote yourself & See all the other people around you online. Your profile can be used to promote your business, your event, your skills, your knowledge, and your personality.

Advertise your web site for free! Make money from your web site and get paid to register Virtual Wide Web domain and by referring friends.

VirtuaDOM provides two ways to talk to the other people: talk to all and private chat, at any web site. VirtuaDOM reveals people and sites related to your profile and the site you are currently browsing.

Surf with your friends. You and your friends can arrange online meetings, view various pages, and even meet new friends as you browse your favorite web pages.

Use VirtuaDOM to promote your book and talk to the others while you browse Amazon, search Google or check webmail for example - every site becomes a place to promote and talk.

Join VirtuaDOM - New Totally Free Advertising System.
Step 1: Create Account
Step 2: Free download Toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer 6 , install and register it.
Step 3: Browse & Enjoy!

Plus, place the VirtuaDOM online version on your website to double your traffic, talk with your visitors and earn extra cash.

Get paid to register domain - register your domain and earn double credit from VirtuaDOM! With VirtuaDOM Virtual Wide Web, all generic domain names are available again for registration and with any extension, such as .com, .net, .biz, .info, .uk, .tv, .web, .shop and many more. This is your second chance to register domains like, or Get a cool and free domain name - register .free domain for free!

Why not earn and save with Virtual Wide Web? For a limited time, you will receive double credit when you register any virtual private domain, or triple credit on registration of premium domain.

When you register Virtual Wide Web domains, you get a Complete Website Package: 25 free value added services and features including multiple web redirection and 18 sub-domains, such as phone.myshop.web, predefined and reserved for various communication services, free email service, free advertising system, extra traffic from virtual wide web network and more.

Virtual Wide Web domains have no relation in any way with the identical domains of real world and are not recognized by ICANN in any way. The domain names on Virtual Wide Web operate only through virtual links like the vtp://

Please visit for more information.

Virtually Yours,

Nikola Anastasov, founder

Nikola Anastasov, founder
Elmed Medicomat Ltd.,
admin at

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