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Net Service Company Offers Highest Level of Domain Privacy and Security

January 4, 2008; 07:14 AM
Texas City, TX, January 04, 2008 -- is now offering protected domain name registration. Protected domain name registration will protect domain name's registered through from identity theft and will secure the domain name from spam and domain theft.

Most domain names registered on the internet are listed in the Whois database which is often used by spammers to collect the email addresses of the owners of domain names. These spammers then use the email address as well as the names and physical address' of these domain name owners to commit identity theft. Domain names that are owned by one person are often transfered to another person illegally simply because the domain name is not properly secured.

Even huge corporations are known to fall prey. In 2004, email service at The Washington Post was disrupted after its domain name was shut down because the company failed to renew its annual registration. And when a multi-national accounting firm failed to renew the domain name for their educational Web site (due to a clerical error), a pornographer grabbed the domain. While the accounting firm eventually retrieved the domain (for an undisclosed price), the damage had already been done, resulting in shocked parents, teachers and children. Protected Registration is packed with the security to eliminate these problems, guaranteed. This service comes with expiration protection which protects you from credit card expiration, failed billing, or outdated contact information. Deadbolt transfer protection makes it impossible for illegal transfers to occur -inadvertent, accidental, malicious or otherwise. Ownership protection reports provide quarterly email updates that help you keep track of vital domain information. Private registration shields your personal information from public view and protects you from spam, scams, prying eyes and worse. Business registration provides need-to-know information about your organization in the Whois database - including a map to your store, snapshot of your Web site, description of your business, phone number, links and more.

Protected Registration is also designed to drive traffic to your website by utilizing the Whois database that is available to millions of people everyday. Your website will receive a free one page business card that will help increase your website traffic the safe and private way.

Keep your domain name private, locked and protected with the most secure domain ownership protection available with Protected Registration.



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