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Los Angeles-based Web Hosting Company Jumps Ahead

February 6, 2008; 02:00 AM
An award-winning web hosting company JumpLaunch is making a big splash in the online community, setting up hundreds of international premium websites day after day using first-rate customer service and unparalleled expertise.

For every five Internet users, there is always one considering starting his own website. Whether for business use, personal use or simple, recreational fun, a website -- as this person will soon find out -- is not always the easiest thing to create.

An average web hosting company would struggle to stand out amongst the countless others wanting to help this individual. But there is a reason JumpLaunch consistently ranks at the top of its industry.

JumpLaunch's enormously high customer satisfaction rate is a direct result of it's high quality of consumer care. JumpLaunch averages about countless new clients a day, and every single one receives a phone call -- not an email -- to thank him for his business and to welcome him to the company. JumpLaunch truly goes the extra mile. As a company and a service, it has mastered custom care.

What helps JumpLaunch excel so much in customer service is that each representative understands that no one -- not even themselves -- can fully digest Internet know-how overnight. They recognize what it's like to start from the bottom, to feel confused. But they are also recognize what it's like to rise above.

CEO and co-founder John Raygoza was previously employed by a top web hosting company that eventually went on to sell for $100 million. In March 2007 Raygoza embarked on the venture of self-employment when he created the now-thriving internet-marketing company PushTraffic from his small home apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.

When Raygoza saw how quickly his first company blossomed, he knew the next move to make was forming JumpLaunch with business partner Peter Sanchez.

Right from the start, Raygoza knew he wanted to be working with talent. "Peter Sanchez worked as a web developer for one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, ICANN," explained Raygoza.

Sanchez also served in the U.S. Military as a Bradley Electronics Engineer. He later worked as a Sr. System & Network Engineer for NMIA, as an International Sr. Network Engineer and team member managing the "L" root server (part of the global internet infrastructure) for ICANN, and as a Web 2.0 Network Engineer for Groovr, a startup company specializing in social network software. He left in 2007 when he and John decided to build JumpLaunch.

"Between the two of us," says Sanchez, "We know this industry inside and out. That's how we've been able to create something so great. We've literally built JumpLaunch by ourselves, from the ground up."

JumpLaunch focuses greatly on infrastructure. The company offers free unlimited domain names and setup at no charge. It also provides SEO and guarantees a 99.99% server uptime, which means that there is inaccessibility for only 1% of the total time of use. For many people this figure amounts to less that five minutes a month.

In addition to offering affordable hosting and design plans, site building assistance and marketing solutions, JumpLaunch gives clients quality care from talented representatives who have each acquired cutting edge expertise in the complex field of website development.

"What we want our clients to achieve is simple," explains Raygoza. "We want to provide them with what we're already been fortunate enough know."

The company is without a doubt one of the most promising web hosting enterprises today.

JumpLaunch offers everything a new customer could possibly need: free domain name and setup, web design, search engine optimization, high percentage of uptime, and most importantly a personal relationship with the company.

Who wants to feel like just another face in the crowd? No one. And JumpLaunch makes sure that you never will again.

If you'd like for information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with John Raygoza, please call the marketing department at 888/ 930-7874 during normal business hours Monday through Friday, or email Jessica Garcia at jgarcia @




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