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.Asia expected to reach hundreds of thousands domain registrations

February 19, 2008; 03:51 AM

Luxembourg Feb. 18, 2008 - After a successful .Asia Sunrise during which 30,780 domain name applications were recorded, the upcoming .Asia Landrush starting 20th February is expected to prompt a strong increase in domain demand and interest.

'The volume of registration is remarkable. Based on information we have, the number of Sunrise applications we received is more than double the level for all other gTLD Sunrises except for .Info', said Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia. .Asia has also set a new benchmark for future launches of top-level registries in ensuring a stable and ordered launch organization with 90% of successful Sunrise applications and zero disputes. These

results demonstrate a strong interest in .Asia domains and the applications are expected to increase rapidly by 20% in the coming days.

Xavier Buck, CEO of the Global Registrars EuroDNS/Asia DNS, comments 'We are expecting an aggressive and rapid wave of applications starting on the Landrush day. Based on the achievements during the Sunrise phase and the ongoing requests we receive from applicants, we can say that the .Asia Landrush will be a success. We have analyzed the circulation data and came to an approximate number of a few hundreds of thousands registrations for the first days following the Landrush. As a result, we have decided to grant a promotional price of 4 Euros per day and per domain, as well as an extra third-level domain at no extra cost. The promo code is 4Asia20. We are looking forward to the D-Day'.

The applications are not based on a 'first come first serve' system. The registry accepts more than one application per domain, and thus all domains that have been applied more than once will trigger an auction. As a result, during the Sunrise period, high winning bids have already exceeded US$20,000. Leading the charge to date is that sold for US$20,501, followed by ($7,600), ($5,700), ($5,400) and ($5,200).

Following the successful Sunrise applications period, the improvements in terms of registration, the attractiveness of the Asia market and the auction process, the Landrush phase is undoubtedly going to generate high circulation and attract a significant number of applicants.

About EuroDNS
EuroDNS is a global domain registrar headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in the Netherlands, France, Poland, and Korea. Specializing in geographic domain names, the group focuses on the European market with EuroDNS and the Asian market with AsiaDNS. With its registration portal in 10 languages and more than 25 top-level domains, EuroDNS covers 97% of the market in the enlarged European Union.

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