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Canada's Only Canadian Domain Name Appraisal Service

February 21, 2008; 04:41 AM

Canada - February 20, 2008
This week saw the launch of Canada's only Canadian domain name appraisal service. Canada's country level domain designation is .ca. The .ca domain name space is nearing one million total registrations and should reach that target some time in late April or early May 2008.

"It's an exciting time to be registering and developing businesses on dot ca domain names. Canada is one of the most connected nations on earth whether that be people using their home or office computer or one of the growing market's mobile devices for accessing the Internet," explained Kyle Kerr of FYO Canadian Domain Names.

Domain name values have exploded over the past few years, and Canada's own domain name has seen growth as well. Buying and selling domain names have become not only a legitimate business, it is making people really rich.

This market was absent an appraisal service by Canadians for Canadians. The only appraisal service prior to this would be the myriad of overseas companies offering this type of service. With the introduction of FYO Canadian Domain Names' appraisal service, such a service now exists.

"We were getting many requests from Canadian owners of .ca domain names inquiring about the true value of their domain name and/or website. Without deep working knowledge of the industry it can be hard to ascertain the value of your dot ca domain," continued Kerr.

"This service is geared towards domain name portfolio holders to those who purchased a domain name but never got around to using it. When it comes time to sell your domain names, don't under-sell. Be sure to get a proper market appraisal first. We have been very successful in our own domain name buying and selling, so you can be sure to get the most accurate and thorough appraisal on your domain names and websites."

To learn more about this service please see:
FYO Canadian Domain Name Appraisal Service

Contact: Kyle Kerr




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