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Tiger Technologies Rescues Domain Names from Network Solutions -- Offers to pay "ransom" to get domain names being held "hostage" by Network Solutions

March 6, 2008; 02:22 AM

/24-7PressRelease/ - BERKELEY, CA, March 06, 2008 - Tiger Technologies, a growing Web hosting company and ICANN-accredited domain registrar, today announced that they would pay the $34.99 "ransom" to rescue domain names searched for by unsuspecting users and "held hostage" by Network Solutions.

"If you search for a domain name on the Network Solutions site, they will immediately register the name that you're interested in, and you then need to pay them $34.99 to get the name for yourself," said Robert Mathews, president of Tiger Technologies. "Once Network Solutions knows that you are interested in a domain name, they will hold it hostage for four days, requiring you to pay their full $34.99 price. You cannot purchase the domain name from any other company. This practice is known as 'front-running' and only serves to enrich Network Solutions at the expense of their customers who might otherwise find a better or less expensive place to register their domain names."

Under their new "We'll Pay the Ransom" program, Tiger Technologies will pay Network Solutions the $34.99 ransom in order to register the domain name on behalf of the customer (or will credit the customer's account $34.99 if they've already paid Network Solutions) and will then transfer it to Tiger Technologies. In order to qualify, customers only need to sign up for a standard year of Web hosting at Tiger Technologies at a cost of $75.00, which is less than the equivalent Network Solutions cost of $128.50. Customers also get the benefit of obtaining their desired domain name immediately, rather than waiting and hoping that they'll be able to register it when it eventually gets released by Network Solutions.

"We are happy to be offering this special deal for people whose domain names are being held hostage by Network Solutions," said Mathews. "It's a great opportunity for people to see our commitment to customer satisfaction and fair business practices."

Tiger Technologies Web hosting plans include full-featured web hosting service, e-mail service with virus scanning and spam screening, free annual domain name renewal, free WHOIS contact privacy, and expert customer service. There are no sign-up fees or cancellation fees.

In addition, Tiger Technologies can also help people whose domain name is being held hostage by Network Solutions but who do not want to sign up for Web hosting service. Users can simply sign up to register the domain name at Tiger Technologies at the standard plan rate of $20.00 per year. (This is less expensive than the standard Network Solutions cost of $34.99 per year.) Tiger Technologies will wait for the domain name to be released by Network Solutions, and will register it on behalf of the user when it becomes available.

Full details about both offers are available at:


Tiger Technologies, LLC, has been hosting Web sites since 1999. Tiger Technologies provides Web hosting, e-mail, and domain name registration services, and takes pride in its customer service. The company, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is environmentally friendly and "carbon-neutral". More details can be found on the Tiger Technologies Web site.

For more information: Ken Spreitzer
Tiger Technologies, LLC
(800) 977-8443
[email protected]




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