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Ad Authority Inc. Inks Another Deal With Cast Release Ltd: First Touch Text

March 14, 2008; 03:12 AM

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 14, 2008 -- Ad Authority Inc. announced its strategic partnership with Cast Release Ltd, a Cayman Corp. on March 5, 2008. The success of Ad Authority's SMS CRM program for re-kindling customer relationships using text message follow-ups led to a plethora of inquiries about a real time system. This project which was dubbed "First Touch Text" was developed and launched earlier this week and has experienced marked success among the users of the SMS CRM product. First Touch Text allows the first point of contact (or touch) with potential clients to be made via text message when the phone number they provide is a mobile phone number, and it happens in real time as the leads enter the lead management system.

Lead Management:

Dramatic changes in the technological landscape continuously alter the sales process. Every sales rep at every company in every industry, from mortgage to auto loan, and from life insurance to lead sales, has a sales process they follow. More sophisticated sales processes are typically automated by lead management systems, which at the most basic level allow sales reps to schedule follow up calls, and can potentially schedule follow up email messages, gauge quality of various lead sources, and ultimately increase the closing percentages. Ad Authority participates in financial lead generation online and focuses on debt consolidation (LeskoDebtSecrets), pre-foreclosure (eHomeSaver), and private student loan (eFinancialAid).

From the perspective of any company employing sales reps who call on leads, contacting the consumer before competitors, and contacting them in the most timely fashion seem to be the difference between closing deals and wasting money on leads that sit around, lose value and ultimately opt-out of receiving communications.

What is the solution when a company's technological capabilities are putting them in a position where they lose the sale before it even happens? Is the best way to secure the sale to kick down the proverbial first "touch" door with an automated phone call from a dialer every 15 min, 2 emails per hour, and a string of direct mail that will never be read? At what point does the constant barrage of contact attempts hurt the sale instead of help it?

Rethinking the First Step in the Process:

Assume that 100% of the sales process starts when that lead enters the lead management system, and knowing that the technology available has the potential to seal or blow the deal depending on how it is used, what's the best first "touch"? Text messaging a potential client lets them know a company is unique in its methods and courteous towards their clients. A text message sets one company apart from competition; stand out among literally hundreds of phone calls.

Ad Authority Inc. synergies with Cast Release Ltd.:
Cast Release owns and operates over 30,000 domain names (see list at Insane Domains) and also brings Cast Release capabilities and expertise to the partnership. Randall Steinmeyer (Chairman, Cast Release Ltd.) said, "I have been looking for a deal like this where a company can fully utilize the assets that Cast Release already owns. Their technology combined with my assets allow cutting edge marketing solutions that are not only integral to the sales process, they are scalable to accommodate even the largest organizations with the most complicated selling processes." According to Jake Vale (COO, Ad Authority Inc.), "I've worked on some of the largest deals our company has seen, and never been more excited about the scope of a deal than while writing this one. It's a pleasure to work with Randall, who brings not only thirty thousand domain names, and relationships that will entrench us in the mobile marketing landscape, he also has literally thousands of ideas to fully utilize the talents of our tech department." Cassidy Symons (CTO, Ad Authority) developed the system to distribute the SMS messages in real time and also the batch delivery process. Cassidy made the decision to spearhead the project from a technical standpoint, and remarked, "Once we had the ideas in front of us, I knew that the only way to make it happen was to get dialed in and focus some serious development time to Jake and Randall's ideas."

Ad Authority Inc, COO
Jake Vale
(619) 270-8077
jake @

Cast Release Ltd, Chairman
Randall Steinmeyer
randall7575 @




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