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Morefocus Group Unveils Release Candidate of Domain Development Platform

March 24, 2008; 03:47 AM

CARLSBAD, Calif. (PRWEB) March 24, 2008 -- morefocus group inc., the independent San Diego and London-based informatics and multi-media publishing company, announced today that it had removed the 'beta' designation from its 'MG4' platform.

The latest release provides owners of first – and second-tier domain names the opportunity to invert the downward curve of 'long-tail' type-in traffic. This is achieved through the publishing of original editorial and social media driven content enhanced by dynamic optimization in a single proprietary platform. Additionally, the integration of cross-domain behavioral analytics allows targeted display and lead revenue opportunities that reverse declining returns on RPC-only lander models.

For advertisers, the platform provides exceptional ROI inventory—in volume. The addition of new high-traffic categories in the 'lifestyle', 'health' and 'work' verticals provides an expanded opportunity to drill-down to a micro-segmented, foreshadowed audience. This feature of the network allows CPL and CPM campaigns to be merged; enabling brand building to be combined with high conversion lead generation for enhanced advertiser ROI. Integrated reporting and analytics, allows real-time monitoring of distribution, costs and conversion metrics.

The technology elements of the MG4 platform are supported by a dedicated 150 person editorial, writing, and graphic content team. Together, the content team generates original, timely and authoritative content driving search engine and visitor value to enhance results for the Company, advertisers and domain owners alike.

In a recent conference call that included morefocus group inc's employee-owners, Colin Lucas-Mudd, CEO, reported, "It is appropriate that we should launch this new platform as we approach the Company's 10th anniversary. The initial results during the beta phase have generated a level of market enthusiasm that I've not witnessed since the heady days of 2000. This is not surprising given that the average increase across the forty-plus beta domains was greater than 7X traffic and 4X revenue in the first three months. Outliers in the upper quartile of previously-parked domains transferred to the platform reached treble digit visitor growth in SEO traffic alone."

During the call, Luke Pilon, VP BD, commented, "The MG4 platform solves a serious, and growing, problem for domain portfolio owners. These companies have been negatively impacted by ever-tighter arbitrage restrictions and are facing a situation where many domains are returning less than their holding costs. As such, the efficiency and scalability of the platform are critical elements. These features provide morefocus with the ability to build sustainable revenue growth and long-term value for multiple clients across thousands of first- and second-tier domains."

Further details on web informatics, together with case studies and performance metrics are available from morefocus directly at 1-800-549-3904. Additional information is available at: morefocus group inc..

About morefocus group inc.
San Diego- and London-based morefocus group inc., builds and maintains high-traffic networks across multiple verticals. Independently, or together with its domain-owning clients, the Company owns or controls a leading independent healthcare and lifestyle network controlled by a suite of proprietary publishing, ad-serving, analytics and behavioral monitoring applications. The publications and software applications are applied to build engaged traffic, recruit, sample and manage registered consumers, and build marketing ROI for major healthcare and consumer marketing corporations.

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