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VeriSign Announces Increase in .Com/.Net Domain Name Fees

March 28, 2008; 10:20 AM

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – March 27, 2008 – VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the leading provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world, today announced, effective as of October 1, 2008, an increase in registry domain name fees for .com and .net, per its agreements with ICANN.

VeriSign announced that the registry fee for .com domain names will increase from $6.42 to $6.86 and that the registry fee for .net domain names will increase, from $3.85 to $4.23.

Traffic volume continues to increase with the emergence of consumer-driven services, the surge in Web-connected wireless devices and the proliferation of technologies and services using the Domain Name System (DNS).  VeriSign processes a peak of more than 33 billion DNS queries per day under normal traffic conditions.

The .com and .net infrastructures are continually being fortified and scaled to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and to help protect against service disruptions. VeriSign is increasing the capacity of its global Internet infrastructure by ten times by the year 2010.  Additionally, VeriSign will increase its daily DNS query capacity from 400 billion queries a day to over 4 trillion queries a day and will increase the aggregate network bandwidth of its primary resolution centers around the world from more than 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) to greater than 200 Gbps per second. VeriSign will also expand its deployment of Regional Internet Resolution Sites to more than 100 locations across the globe by 2010. VeriSign is also deploying new proprietary security upgrades and monitoring tools to identify, track and isolate malicious Internet traffic generated from cyber attacks.

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VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), operates Internet infrastructure services that enable and protect billions of interactions every day across the world’s voice, video and data networks. Additional news and information about the company is available at

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