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Cyveillance Reports Large Enterprises Plagued by More Than 5,000 Suspicious Domain Registrations Each Year

March 31, 2008; 03:55 AM

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) March 31, 2008 -- Cyveillance, the world leader in cyber intelligence, today announced the release of Cyveillance Domain Manager(TM), a comprehensive domain management system that enables users to centrally manage and monitor security threats posed by third-party domain registrations. Cyveillance Domain Manager tracks the full life cycle of each potentially fraudulent domain, significantly reducing the costs related to tracking domain name churn, which results in the re-registering of over 1 million suspicious domain names everyday.1

Domain name churn is enabled by an ICANN policy loophole that allows third parties, particularly registrars, to register a domain name and then return or "drop" it for free within five days of the initial registration. This allows domain name abusers to test the domain name to determine how much traffic the name generates without making a financial commitment, a process often referred to as "domain tasting". The five day grace period results in significant volumes of domain names being registered, returned, and then re-registered again.

According to Cyveillance, the average large enterprise is plagued by more than 5,000 suspicious domain registrations targeting their master brand each year. For companies managing multiple brands, this can mean tens of thousands of suspicious domain registrations each year. To date, this has required security professionals and brand holders to manually track each new domain registration to determine whether the domain name gets returned or used on a malicious site. This very manual and labor intensive process can cost enterprises hundreds of lost man hours each year.

Cyveillance Domain Manager is designed to classify new domain registrations, automatically isolating high risk registrations and providing ongoing monitoring to alert organizations when a domain gets used on a live malicious Web site. It greatly reduces the need for companies to monitor benign domain names that pose a low security risk, allowing organizations to focus resources on the highest impact brand offenses.

"The current domain registration environment enables criminals, pirates and unscrupulous advertisers to leverage a large number of domains without incurring any financial risk," said Panos Anastassiadis, CEO of Cyveillance. "The resulting churn in domain names places a significant enforcement burden on enterprises. Cyveillance Domain Manager provides our customers with an automated solution that allows them to more accurately prioritize their enforcement efforts on the domains that pose the most significant risk; greatly reducing the resources, time and expense of fighting fraudulent domains."

Cyveillance Domain Manager is an integrated component of Cyveillance Intelligence Center(TM), protecting both brand reputation and customer trust while lowering enforcement costs. Designed specifically to address constantly evolving threats on the Internet, the Cyveillance Intelligence Center is a unique, patented technology platform that allows stakeholders across the enterprise to proactively manage and mitigate online security threats.

About Cyveillance
Cyveillance, the world leader in cyber intelligence, provides an intelligence-led approach to security. Through continuous, comprehensive Internet monitoring and sophisticated intelligence analysis, Cyveillance proactively identifies and eliminates threats to information, infrastructure, individuals and their interactions, enabling its customers to preserve their reputation, revenues, and customer trust. Cyveillance serves the Global 2000 and OEM Data Partners - protecting the majority of the Fortune 50, regional financial institutions nationwide, and more than 30 million global consumers through its partnerships with security and service providers that include AOL and Microsoft. For more information, visit

1. According to CADNA, the Coalition for Domain Name Abuse to Combat Cybersquatting, over 1 million domain names are re-registered every day.




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