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Brand New Chinese Character Domain Names Get Underway on the Internet Today. A Huge Series of Other International Languages are Also Launched

April 1, 2008; 09:09 AM

Internet users can now register domain names using almost any language or text imaginable Included are not only Chinese characters, but also German, Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish and Korean - to name but a few. The Internet has evolved and become a lot more universal.

Unrivalled in their flexibility, International Domain Names are here to stay. In fact, you can begin registering your own Multi-Lingual Domain absolutely free as dotWORLDS ( continue to Beta Test their systems.

dotWORLDS offers unlimited possibilities for all those wanting personalization and easy-to-remember options. Dream up a domain, invent your own extension and you too can create your very own TLD – you’ll even be offered the option to host it free of charge on dotWORLDS servers as well. A new dimension has been added to the Internet that anyone can use virtually without restriction.

dotWORLDS investment in its global structure provides members and visitors on all five continents with secure, managed systems. dotWORLDS is also working on other new advances and Internet users worldwide can expect further announcements soon on the launch of a totally free Multi-Video Conference Centre.

dotWORLDS Ltd is a UK company based in London that specializes in providing fully personalized internet domains, email addresses, hosting, site builders, and ISP services all free through their global infrastructure. Please see website for full details.



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